The most useful apps that make your life easier

The most useful apps that make your life easier

Would you like to simplify your life and make some daily activities easier? Discover the apps you won't be able to do without

There are now many apps that can improve our daily life: now relax and discover the ones that cannot be missing on your smartphone! Our device, in fact, is not only used to send messages, make phone calls, check the social networks we use most, surf the internet: in addition to these basic options, there are many applications that can be ideal according to your activities and needs.

These apps, therefore, make the system we use much more intelligent, as it is perfectly capable of performing a series of fundamental tasks in complete autonomy. It is important to exploit all the potential and possibilities of technology to improve one's way of life, which today has greatly changed and oriented towards constant progress: this, of course, thanks also to a series of useful and interesting apps that can be used both on smartphones and Tablet.

Useful apps for everyday life

Nowadays it is possible to video call, watch movies and TV series in streaming, but also play online using all the technology of a series of interesting mobile applications. In recent years, the development of advanced technology apps has grown strongly, always in step with new trends: from the most famous, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Whatsapp to those to be installed on your mobile phone to play or even work in smartworking. Obviously, there are many useful and interesting apps that you may not know, but which would certainly prove to be a real panacea for improving the level of quality of life every day. So, we invite you to consider all the new applications that you will discover by reading this new article and take advantage of the most useful and interesting ones.


Busy city life? No fear! From today Todoist helps you organize all your commitments and also take some time to relax after a tiring day at work. In fact, Todoist is a very useful app for organizing various appointments and activities, but above all it is perfect for tidying up your week. Thanks to this application, easily downloadable on your smartphone, you will have the opportunity to focus on what really matters and it is important to complete in that moment: a task at work, a lesson, the achievement of a certificate. Everything that you consider fundamental! From any device you choose to access, and therefore smartphone or tablet, you always have the possibility to recover the data you need in order to better organize your day. Did you know that Todoist also allows you to create work groups with your colleagues? That's it!

And this is one of the enormous advantages of this super application: you can also turn your mobile phone into a sort of virtual assistant, ideal to help you remember what the unmissable commitments of the day are. No more chaos and clutter in everyday life: the first step is to download Todoist, register and log in to start shaping your calendar. With Todoist, all the activities you choose to schedule can be customized, but also unique or recurring and this is a very important possibility, as you would not have to reschedule an event every time. Furthermore, in this app, colors play a really important role: red, blue, light blue, white determine the degree of urgency of a commitment or activity, according to your needs. This app with a linear and refined design is easily downloadable from the store of your smartphone. What are you waiting for? Put your life in order!


Zoom is among the most popular and downloaded apps of the moment and we don't have a hard time believing that you already know it. It is perhaps the most used platform for video conferencing, especially for those who work a lot from home and do not have the opportunity to show up at the office. This app, in fact, allows you to easily interface with many people at the same time and interact normally during a business meeting, but it also allows you to record sessions that can be viewed later. In particular, it provides a series of tools that many other apps are not able to boast and we are talking about a Zoom Room, Zoom Phone, Webinar Zoom, Screen Share Zoom. The first, for example, is an ideal function to create a 100% organized videoconferencing environment, with good audio and video quality for the duration of the meeting.

Zoom also offers the possibility to choose between a free account, and therefore very basic, and a paid one according to your needs. For example, if you want to organize a video conference with 100 people, you will need to take advantage of the paid version. Then, during video calls you can actively participate by speaking, just as if you were face to face. It is very interesting how Zoom is also increasingly used to carry out university lessons at distances, ideal for working students. In short, it is a virtual instrument with multiple functions and certainly useful to everyone. Don't be indecisive, download Zoom now and start video calling with whoever you want!

Google Classroom

And have you already heard of Google Classroom? It is a very useful app that could certainly improve your lessons at home. In fact, it is a free service developed by Google for schools and universities, whose goal is precisely to simplify the distribution of teaching materials. Furthermore, it greatly facilitates the communication modality between teachers and students. Therefore, it is almost like attending a lesson live, organizing the activity, carrying out group tasks and communicating in real time, receiving instant feedback. Google Classroom is a real project, created by teachers to save time, keep classes organized, but also improve communication: by doing so, the time dedicated by teachers to paper work is halved and not a little.

In fact, by taking advantage of this new technology, each teacher will be able to safely withdraw the tests avoiding the waste of paper and contribute to the improvement of students' learning in a constant and interactive way. Do you think it may be difficult to keep order at a distance? Not at all! By exploiting the enormous potential of the Drive, all the tasks and exercises will be easily organized in folders, always usable and within everyone's reach, avoiding the risk that any exercise could be lost.


Among the most useful apps that can be downloaded on your smartphone, we want to remember KeePass: perfect for keeping all your passwords, relating to access to social networks but also to your bank account. In short, nowadays a password is required almost to access anywhere, indeed, certainly. In this regard, very often we are asked to create new, updated passwords, but at the same time easily memorable: this is unfortunately not always possible and the trend, now, is precisely to enter many different passwords for different accounts. This makes it very easy to forget which password can correspond to a particular account. Fortunately, there are apps and programs that can help us keep all our passwords, including KeePass.

The strong point of this very useful application is certainly the fact that passwords are not saved in the Cloud, thus discarding the probability that they can be stolen by some online criminal. In fact, by downloading this app, the password database would remain solely and exclusively in your hands and with the possibility of being saved on a hard drive or USB device. In addition, this free app is available for various systems and we are more than sure it could help you facilitate access to your most used accounts. For us this app absolutely deserves a 10 and praise!

Empty fridge

Svuotafrigo: the name of this very downloaded app is really funny and funny. Do you have few ingredients in the fridge and you don't know what to cook tonight? Svuotafrigo thinks about giving you a hand! This is a very interesting application, dedicated to the culinary world, which will help you greatly reduce food waste. Not only will it save you from the dreaded Sunday family lunch, it will offer you a wide range of recipes that can be consulted at any time. In short, we could also define it as a sort of constantly updated and very varied encyclopedia, perfect to satisfy even the most difficult palates. You can download it for free from the store of your smartphone and create your favorite dish, using all the tools available: in fact, this app is very simple and intuitive and of great inspiration in case you run out of ideas.


Thanks to Stocard, on the other hand, you can improve your shopping experiences: we are talking about a completely free and highly clicked app, as it allows you to add different loyalty cards and always have them at hand. Furthermore, for some types of card, it is also possible to receive a series of advantageous discounts on some products, be updated on offers and not miss the best price. It is also very useful when traveling. Stocard is a very useful app because it will allow you to lighten your wallet: every time you enter the store, at the time of payment at the cashier, it is regular that the loyalty card is requested and, to be clear, the one you need to accumulate points. It is also true, however, that too often these loyalty cards are forgotten in the dresser drawer because they are too uncomfortable and bulky. With Stocard you will no longer have this problem: all your cards will be collected in a virtual way and you can easily use them for each of your purchases, without giving up the best discounts. Download it, it's completely free!


The name of this app is almost unpronounceable, but this does not matter if we think that it is very useful to make all your applications and devices work in complete synergy. IFTT is a very practical and free service that is based on a very simple and intuitive principle for which it is possible to connect multiple different applications to various devices, allowing automatic data processing; just that processing that, without this app, you would have to do manually. Speaking of the practical aspect, we choose to provide you with one of the most striking examples: you choose to save all the photos posted on Instagram in Dropbox, but you don't know how to do it. You should therefore save them manually, but this is exactly where this crazy app comes into play: through an applet you can make Instagram and Dropbox come in complete harmony and work together and automatically to save your favorite photos. IFTT is ideal, as it offers a 360-degree and personalized service in every respect: you can give free rein to your imagination!

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