The music of flowers. The Sanremo 2021 playlist

From 2 to 6 March in Sanremo but above all in our homes. Listen to all the songs of the Festival edition 2021

Music smells like flowers these days.

Although the public will not be able to enjoy the festival directly this year, despite the Covid19 emergency, it is there and makes itself felt, with no public present but inside our homes, every evening from 2 to 6 March, bringing us music, a care for our soul.

Since it was born in 1951 from an idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAngelo Nicola Amato, for the Italians the Sanremo Festival is a fixed appointment that unites us and transforms us into judges of the singers in the competition, with that classic approach that at first listen makes us say " I hate her, I love her ". This year the biggest obstacle for presenters, co-hosts and singers is certainly the absence of the public that we cannot ignore.

For those who work in entertainment it was a difficult year, without the possibility of doing what for them, let's not forget, is a real job: performing and communicating their art to those who follow and listen to them. The absence of the public can be seen and heard, especially in the heat of the performances, we cannot deny it, but this does not mean that the singers in the competition allowed themselves to be demoralized.

And between sets, jokes and good music the songs still make people discuss and fall in love, like every year. There are already full names on the possible winner, not forgetting that the history of the Festival teaches us how many songs that have not won the coveted prize, have become unforgettable icons of our history and sometimes, more heartfelt than the winners.

Here is the playlist dedicated to the Sanremo 2021 Festival to listen to while waiting for the award ceremony.

Because despite the criticisms and even negative comments it is impossible not to talk about it … because Sanremo is Sanremo!

Have a good listening.

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