The music of love. Our playlist for Valentine's Day

The music of love. Our playlist for Valentine's Day

What could be more romantic than the right song in the background while we celebrate the lovers' day?

What is more iconic than music to represent love?

Ever since it has existed, music has always spoken of stories characterized by impossible, strong, irresistible, cruel and sometimes even gory loves.

Every artist in the music scene, both from the past and the present, has at least one song within his songs that speaks of this unique feeling that we all experience at least once in our life. And no wonder when we think of how many times as little girls, lying on the bed in our bedroom, we dreamed or let out in long tears listening to that song that told about us, about our love story of the moment, as if it had been really written based on our emotions.

Almost every couple if you think about it, has their own song. Not necessarily one that was dedicated to us by the partner but maybe the one they played in the room where we met or the one they broadcast on the radio the first time we kissed.

Music has great power, not only to evoke but also to accompany, like a silent friend, many moments of our life. As if he were there to advise us or to help us trigger that spark that cannot be activated on command.

This is why we have created for you our playlist "The Music of Love" dedicated to Valentine's Day but which is great all year round, to accompany a romantic evening, a moment with the person we love or simply a moment of our own, a soundtrack for a magical and inexplicable moment, like love itself, which when it is clean and healthy becomes the most beautiful thing that can exist.

"Love is in the air" they used to say and we hope it will always remain in the air to accompany our every sigh.

Happy Valentine's Day, to be celebrated every day of the year and not just on Valentine's Day and … good listening!

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