The music that goes around, the Mannoia is splendid. And Ambra takes a dip in the past

Fiorella Mannoia

Fiorella Mannoia, as splendid as ever, is back on TV with "The music that turns around" and many exceptional guests

Fiorella Mannoia and Carlo di Francesco in love in New York

Fiorella Mannoia brings on stage the first of two extraordinary events: The music that goes around is an unmissable show, with many incredible guests to brighten up our evening.

The new Rai1 music program marks the return to the small screen of Fiorella Mannoia, who in the first episode of La musica che gira giro is truly splendid. The event, broadcast on Friday 15 January in prime time from Cinecittà World Theater 1, is a tribute to Italian music, a dip into our past and our present, but also a look to the future.

The title of the show takes up the homonymous song by Ivano Fossati, a great success that gave us incredible emotions. And the whole episode is dedicated to music, to the beautiful feelings it arouses in us. But also to the stories that, thanks to the many guests who come on stage, allow us a deeper reflection.

For this debut appointment, Fiorella Mannoia is truly enchanting. With a black business suit, she is elegant and beautiful. While her light and spontaneous conduction impressed the audience: for the preview she went on stage barefoot, firmly affirming that she only wanted to wear shoes at the last minute.

Many guests followed one another during the episode, bringing their experience and their personal story of how music has been the soundtrack to their lives. "Theirs was a sort of certificate of friendship and sharing" – said Mannoia at a press conference – "Nobody said no, they all joined, perhaps because they feel at home".

And so many well-known faces paraded on stage. From Giorgio Panariello and Marco Giallini, protagonists of a nice curtain that opened the evening, up to the amazing duet of Francesco De Gregori and Antonello Venditti. And then Edoardo Leo, who gave life to a moving monologue in honor of the Day of Remembrance, immediately leaving the place for Marco Mengoni and his beautiful human beings.

Claudio Baglioni entertained the audience at the piano, recalling some successes of the past – in duet with the talented Fiorella Mannoia. Then again Flavio Insinna and Luciano Ligabue, Giorgia, Andrea Bocelli (who with the presenter sang a splendid Italian version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah). Alessandro Siani instead recalled the late Diego Armando Maradona, Gigi D'Alessio and Achille Lauro (unlikely very successful couple) duet on the notes of Tu vuò fa 'l'americano, and many other surprises, such as the incursion of Amadeus that reminded everyone of the next appointment with the Sanremo Festival.

Beautiful surprises, like that of Ambra Angiolini: the highly anticipated guest of this early evening, she sang her hit T'appartengo, making us take a real dive into the past, before a heartfelt monologue in which she recalled the life we ​​miss, the one made of concerts, dinners with friends, family moments: “may this period remain a bad memory (…), I want to become life, the one I can still try to allow myself to imagine. because in the meantime, at least no one can take it away from us ", concluded the actress, before leaving room for Che sia benedetta, a piece presented by Fiorella in Sanremo in 2017. Finally, after the credits, the touching monologue by Sabrina Impacciatore , which is the prelude to the grand finale left to one of Francesco De Gregori's poems in music, sung by Mannoia, Semper e per semper.

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