The natural remedies to maintain the tan after the holidays

The natural remedies to maintain the tan after the holidays

Maintaining a tan requires considerable efforts on the part of women, but if natural remedies are known, everything becomes easier. Here are what they are

To maintain the tan of the sea, we must supply our body with vitamin D in high quantities. This is possible by exposing yourself to the sun for long periods of time, causing the body itself to synthesize the type of vitamin required. Furthermore, although many scientists claim that being in the sun for a long time without adequate protection is carcinogenic and dangerous, the sun's rays still have beneficial effects on the face and skin of the arms. However, how do you keep your tan once you have managed to achieve a good color?

First of all, you must constantly hydrate your skin, so that it does not become too dry. It is recommended to drink a lot during the day, and not only when eating. The body must always have a constant amount of water useful to hydrate the skin. Nutrition is also very important: you have to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, such as carrots, tomatoes, melons, pumpkins and peppers. Fruit prefer peaches and apricots. To maintain the tan of the face, it is recommended to use wheat germ oil.

By washing the skin of the face with this particular substance, it is possible to significantly humidify the skin, making sure that it does not crack, the excess melanin is not eliminated and the skin does not change color. It is recommended to massage the skin before adding oil (to increase blood flow in the area), during and even after. When finished, you must wash your face with Marseille soap. Another oil to be used to keep the tan is carrot oil, which must be added to damp skin, perhaps after a shower. It has nourishing properties and promotes tanning, which is why it is used immediately after leaving the water.

Shea butter is also widely used as a moisturizing remedy, but it is mainly used to prepare the skin for new tan. This substance should be applied in the evening, on damp skin. Alternatively, black tea can be used, adding a concentrated infusion of popular drink to the tub water. A good idea to keep the tan is represented by the use of detergents based on walnut dance, a natural dye. After intense exposure to the sun, however, it is recommended to apply Aloe vera gel to the skin.

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