The Netflix documentaries to see absolutely

Find out which are the best Netflix documentaries to watch if you're into nature or crime – here's a must-see list

Netflix documentaries: an infinite range of options able to satisfy a different audience of viewers: from lovers of criminal psychology to lovers of the world of nature or the mind. Continue reading the article to learn more about a part of the vast assortment promoted by the sofa streaming giant.


  • 1. The mind in a nutshell
  • 2. Absurd planet
  • 3. Our planet
  • 4. I'm a killer
  • 5. Serial killer
  • 6. My way: the rise and fall of Silvio Berlusconi
  • 7. Contemporary history in a nutshell

1. The mind in a nutshell

Among the documentaries Netflix is ​​placed in pole position "The mind in a few words". Short and intense, the miniseries offers the opportunity to bring everyone closer to the incredible and very complex world of psychology. The first episode, lasting 20 minutes, Memory, reveals various unconscious mechanisms, allowing you to acquire greater awareness on the way in which memories are stored, explaining, among other things, why it was sometimes wrong to give rise to witnesses who provided detailed descriptions of events that never actually occurred, victims themselves of the false memory.

The socio-cultural documentary places itself between science and nature, the investigative note retraces some of the most common questions that accompany everyone's routine, including understanding why certain dreams are made and what link there may be with the introspective aspect, or how to manage anxiety disorders, ending with a mini handbook on psychedelics. Memory, Dreams, Anxiety, Awareness and psychedelic substances – these are the names of the episodes that follow one another – will accompany your evenings.

Why see it? Psychology is able to provide awareness tools capable of drastically improving everyone's mindset, and consequently the way of life. Small pills of about 20 minutes each can reveal hidden dynamics that were previously completely ignored, giving answers to questions that have accompanied, beyond simple curiosity, even sleepless nights or recurring thoughts.

2. Absurd planet

Ride a lighter but no less compelling wave "Absurd Planet": among the Netflix documentaries on nature, it cannot be missing. The first season of last year has already given 12 episodes each lasting 19 split minutes. A succession of protagonists from the natural world chase each other in a cabaret of oddities. Mother Nature becomes the voice of the scientific narrative, recounting the vicissitudes of the most extravagant animals on the planet. From heaven to earth, from small to large creatures: the bizarre spared no one, as the documentary shows us.

When after dinner you want to share a pleasant moment with your family that does not require too much energy, a light but informative series on nature and ecology can represent the right compromise. A taste? The episode Mating Strategies traces the dynamics of penguins, bees, birds and other animals, revealing the code that allows them to come into contact with the opposite sex. Also appear the miraculous lizard Jesus Christ able to run on the surface of the water and the bomber beetle that shoots mush.

Why see it? "Absurd planet" agrees everyone.

3. Our planet

If you are looking for Netflix documentaries to watch that have a natural setting, then try “Our Planet”. The miniseries available from 2019 has one season to date, the episodes focus on the life of animals from one end of the world to the other. They range from the episode Frozen worlds to Jungles, from coastal waters to the open sea, passing from deserts to prairies. The cameras follow the movements of elephants in the desert in search of sustenance, the migrations of bison in the American prairies and much more.

Why see it? The cast of David Attenborough, through this interesting docuseries that lies between science and nature, winks at afternoons or evenings with the family under the banner of animal beauty.

4. I'm a killer

Craving Netflix crime documentaries? The tone is definitely changed with the series "I'm a killer", in which the inmates on death row before being sentenced tell firsthand their crimes, the reasons that led them and everything that is a corollary to that moment that marked a new beginning of their life path. A compelling series in which the first person narratives of individuals of different ages, backgrounds or social status, but all linked by a minimum common denominator, act as detonators: having been responsible for one or more murders. Two seasons of the series are currently available and, given the authentic content as well as the subject matter, children under 14 are prohibited from viewing.

Why see it? Lately, series or documentaries dealing with crime have aroused great interest, but when a cultural note is added to this that allows us to dissect the intrinsic motivations of such nefarious gestures, interest grows out of all proportion. The news events accompanying the news on television will have a completely different flavor if supported by a deeper socio-cultural framework that can, more than justify, motivate or at least help to understand the mechanisms behind (and after) the crimes.

5. Serial killer

"Serial killer" lies on the same wave line, which has a single season since 2018. The documentary consists of a series of interviews released by inmates where the voice spokesperson, Piers Morgan, pulls the strings of the serial killers' narratives, deepening their dynamics. To date, only 3 episodes are available, each of about 45 minutes each. The first retraces the thoughts of Mark Riebe, who during a life sentence following the murder of a young mother, revealed that he had killed 12 other people.

Why see it? Short but intense, the documentary integrates the need to give a face and a family and social history behind some of the numerous murders (or presumed such) that have taken place since the 1980s. It is not enough to justify the large-scale phenomenon that potentially affects everyone, stating that there are those who are born with a particular predisposition or that this may have arisen from a problematic adolescence: the phenomenon is much more complex and varied than what can be to think.

6. My way: the rise and fall of Silvio Berlusconi

Changing the subject altogether, with a leap on foot together we pass to the world of politics, of which Silvio Berlusconi, beyond belief, has been the undisputed protagonist for several decades at an international and non-international level. Former Prime Minister, he began attending the young nightlife by lending his voice accompanied by a piano, then the rise. With his 3340 total days (ie over nine years), the Knight is the politician who has enjoyed the longest term in the role of Prime Minister of recent Republican Italy.

The launch of the center-right party of Forza Italia then merged into the Popolo della Libertà in 2008 and its political rise will be followed by a collapse in reputation following the scandals in which he was directly interested along with other politicians. This is how Silvio Berlusconi tells himself, in a before and after reunited in a single corpus that gives shape to his life as a person, as well as as a politician.

Why see it? Today it no longer guides political life as it did then, but we know that history is an evolutionary path made up of interconnected stages. Knowing the role and the events that have accompanied a large slice of Italian politics allows to acquire a level of knowledge and a capacity for reasoning at the basis of the choices that a citizen can make today. Understanding the political dynamics means taking responsibility for one's own elective choices and being an active part of it.

7. Contemporary history in a nutshell

Among the best Netflix documentaries we also add “Contemporary history in pills” to the list. Archival images and infographics offer short lessons on the history of the contemporary age through scientific revelations, social movements and interests of major international companies. If you want to discover the hidden dynamics of the world of marketing applied on a global scale, you are in the right place. The Netflix documentary offers revolutionary discoveries already in its first – and only – season signed 2020. From the first episode, you lose weight in the reality of fast food, the culinary fashion that has depopulated since the 50s, synonymous with speed and economy , but which carries with it a much broader meaning.

Many other modern phenomena that concern us more or less closely are analyzed, including the enormous investment of billions and billions of dollars a year that various international agencies spend on space travel, or the rise of China, to get to issues of nature. environmental impact such as the impact plastic has on its recycling and disposal capacity. And then again the Middle East and oil, the 9 billion robots that are increasingly depopulated between surgical arms and cars, the social changes prompted by feminism, AIDS told by the stories of the more than 40 million people who live with it every day.

Why see it? An open and deeper look at today's society allows you to get in touch with topics in a more authentic way, avoiding the banalities of hearsay. These little pearls of wisdom – which draw on a thematic repertoire as vast as it is interesting – can increase critical analysis skills and the flow of thought.

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