The new trendy accessory will make you shine like never before!

The new trendy accessory will make you shine like never before!

The new trendy accessory is innovative, fun, and will make you shine like never before! Let’s find out together in this CheDonna style guide what will be the accessory that we cannot do without for summer 2022!

We can say it more than officially: 2022 is the year of accessories. Who more has more is the key phrase of the trend for this year in terms of accessories, and if you want to keep up with trends you have to find out all the details. For example, one of the new accessories for 2022 is innovative, will make your looks more fun, and will make you shine like never before! Which? Let’s find out together!

Trend accessory

Collage about Canva

Many think that accessories can be avoided, that they don’t make a difference in our looks. This is the first mistake not to make if you want to be a true fashion lover.

Why is thereand trends in fashion and accessories of 2022 speak for themselves, and show how important they are in our outfits. They make the total look special, fun, and with the right accessories we can add our personal touch to even the simplest outfit.

But noand there are many on the market, and not all accessories are really trendy, therefore you have to choose the right accessory among all the proposals.

For example, a particular accessory has recently become trendy, which will turn your looks from simple to wow. It is fun, innovative and will make you shine like never before. Which?

The new trendy accessory is the glittery bra! Let’s find out where to buy it and how to wear it!

Ilary Blasi he wore it while conducting an episode of the Isola dei Famosi and it immediately went viral. We are talking about the glitter bra to wear over your look like a necklace. Let’s see immediately where to buy it and how to combine it.

Trend accessory

Photo from Zara Official Site

The new trendy accessory isas we have just revealed, the glitter bra. It consists of a kind dthe top which has a shape similar to that of the bra, composed of bands of glitter, which must be worn over the shirt or shirt.

There are several models on the market, but few are really trendy ones.

The first is the one proposed by Zara, that is, a top made of bands of glitter that cross to form a checkerboard effect. To be worn over your cotton shirt and basic crew neck t-shirt. Cost € 49.95.

The second, however, we can buy it on SheIn, and it’s a real triangle top made of glitter. It can be worn over a little black dress, or to the sea as a cover-up. Cost € 12.00.

The one worn by Ilary Blasi to the famous island is of the brand Loveme.foreva, is the top gold Courage woman model, and costs € 160.00. By the way, these are the shoes of the moment, and you won’t have to miss them!

Trend accessory

Collage about Canva

Also for today ends here the most fashionable style guide ever, which saw as the protagonist the new trendy accessory, the glittery top bra.

See you at the next style guide, so as not to miss all the news in terms of fashion, society, and much more!

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