The new vip toilet paper: cleaning has never been so expensive

The new vip toilet paper: cleaning has never been so expensive

On the night of the Oscars the campaign of the new toilet paper starts, the most expensive in the world. It will be like being touched by a cloud

The idea of ​​taking care of the most intimate moments of each of us comes from Switzerland. A VIP toilet paper that will make your head spin, unfortunately not because of the feeling of ecstasy caused by the cleaning itself but above all for the price. The equivalent of a roll of toilet paper costs the beauty of 258 euros. This extra-luxury toilet paper will be used for the first time on Oscar night. Everything was born from an intuition of Joseph's Toiletries, which wanted to revolutionize the concept of toilet paper, which in many respects has not changed for about 150 years. A team of Swiss dermatologists, experts in skin care, has studied new products to transform intimate hygiene into a routine of deep cleansing and self-care.

Standard toilet paper is eco-friendly and hypoallergenic, made with natural materials and without chemical binders. The paper disintegrates quickly in water but in wet conditions it literally falls apart. The wipes, on the other hand, irritate the skin due to additional chemicals. Hence a hybrid was invented, a product consisting of several absorbent layers and an external layer in soft fabric. It is made of pure cellulose and without chemical additives that could cause allergy. The individual sheets must be used together with two clinically tested treatments, a tonic to purify and a lotion, to protect and nourish the skin in a particularly sensitive area. The box set consists of both lotions.

The tonic allows a natural cleansing thanks to the humidity, created with pure water from the glaciers of Switzerland and enriched with vitamins and soothing emollients. It removes bad smells, impurities and prepares the skin for balancing care, which takes place through lotion. The cream will leave a velvety skin, it also repairs and defends, reducing irritation. We just have to wait anxiously for the opinions of actors and directors on the night of the Oscars who will be the first to experience this idyllic feeling of cleanliness. The single box costs about 50 euros and contains 25 sheets, the tonic and the lotion. The VIP box instead, costs around 150 euros and includes many more sheets, two tonics and two lotions.

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