The number of times you and your partner “should” do this per week

quante volte farlo a settimana

How many times does it have to be done per week? We’ll give you the answer: there is a number (and even a certain number of positions) to keep the excitement high!

Let’s face it: Do the love it is absolutely not as simple and spontaneous as we thought before.

how many times do this per week

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There are so many problems that contribute to make intimacy a lot difficulty and complicated.
For this reason we have decided to give you a hand and establish a minimum number of times that can help you change everything: would you like to find out with us what they are?

How many times does it have to be done per week? Here is the answer

All the couples who have been together for some time timethey know.

how many times do this week

(source: Canva)

Making love is not so simple and intuitive how could it be the first months, when passion overwhelms us and we literally do nothing else.
We have often talked about this problem and we have also approached the situation from another point of view. The routine relationships, which we told you about here, are necessary to maintain a healthy physical relationship!

This does not mean, however, that you should never force yourself to do it or that your partner should also force himself to make love!
We have given you various tricks (like that of the clock) to ensure that relationships are as satisfying, fun and spontaneous as possible.
Now we have thought of giving you another little information that could be useful: here is how many times you have to do it a week … and also how!

The position of the swing for Tuesday

We are sure you have never tried the position of the rocking chair: also because it is also one of the strangest ones of the Kamasutra!
We recommend that you try to use this position on a Tuesday or at the beginning of the week.

It is a fantastic way for to start there week working which could not only make you laugh and have fun but also leave you ready for something more “classic” in the following days.
Yes, because the week of intimacy could start on a Tuesday: not on Monday, when you are tired and stressed after the first day of returning to the office, but the day after.
Ready to take the first step?

The position of the wheelbarrow for Thursday

Let’s continue with the position of the wheelbarrow (which we told you about here).
This is a position that may be fine for one of the days before the weekend, so that you are already up to twice in a week.

It is a sensual position even if a little demanding. The idea is to gradually go down the degree of difficulty after the position of the pendulum we told you about earlier.
You can try it with “help” or without: the important thing is that you have fun in the meantime!

How many times does it have to be done per week? The answer is between 1 and four to be safe

Finally, if we still weren’t clear enough, the answer to the question of how often do you have to do it per week for having a satisfying physical relationship is between one and four times.
This is why we have already suggested two very interesting positions!

Having reached the third one we can already say that we are quite satisfied.
If you want we can advise you to try one of the intimate positions designed specifically to stimulate the G-spot and that you can find by clicking here.
Go wild in trying as many positions as possible and you will see that you will do it the “right” number of times a week, without problems.
The real trickin fact, it is to vary and have fun: don’t always do the same things!

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