The Odent method: some indications for sweet childbirth

Too often the birth is overly medicalized; the Odent Method allows women to rediscover a more natural and sweet birth

In recent years in Italy there has been a total medicalization of childbirth: women are considered as patients, not as new mothers to be guided towards a natural event. The Odent Method rediscovers the naturalness of childbirth, through an approach aimed at the well-being of the mother, listening to the needs and problems. Michel Odent is an English gynecologist, still active today, who has studied birth without violence for years: over the years he has been able to verify how greater freedom of choice for women who give birth can bring great advantages.

Dr. Odent started from the assumption that a future mother is able to understand what is best for her: during labor women should be left free to move, to scream, to maintain the position they find most comfortable. Odent's studies also involved giving birth in water, highlighting its positive characteristics. During water birth, labor lasts much less, mothers are more relaxed and experience less painful and intense contractions. In addition, the perineum and the uterine cervix tend to be more elastic, avoiding the need for episiotomy.

The Odent Method therefore provides for greater control of the woman over childbirth: it is the future mother who decides what to do, how to position herself, how the birth of her son should take place. This type of birth, more natural and less medicalized than what commonly happens in Italian hospitals, also becomes more relaxing and pleasant for the woman, who is free to do what she wants. The health workers are present only to help and comfort, not to force them into uncomfortable positions or to practice cuts or other types of painful and stressful interventions.

Unfortunately, there are not many hospitals in Italy that suggest new methods of natural childbirth to future mothers; most of the structures equipped also with basins for water birth, or with comfortable and comfortable armchairs and chairs for childbirth for the mother are very few, and generally spread in the central north, while the central south is almost unguarded. It is of fundamental importance to introduce these possibilities to women who have recently given birth, so that they stimulate Italian healthcare to equip themselves in any city.

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