The oil to nourish and moisturize the skin: the do-it-yourself recipe

269325If you want a full effect body oil, know that you can also make it yourself at home by mixing the right ingredients. “Polynesian tamanu oil contains particular substances, including xanthones, coumarins and Omega 6, which make it a powerful moisturizer, healing and soothing skin, while sweet almond oil, delicate and very emollient, it is rich in vitamin E, oleic and linoleic acid and myristic acid, which have strong nourishing, elasticizing and compacting properties of the skin, ideal to prevent and treat even stretch marks, ”he says Carlo Di Stanislaodermatologist and allergist.

«Avocado oil provides many vitamins, especially D, and Omega 3, as well as lecithin and potassium, which regenerate, hydrate and tone the skin. In synergy, the essential oils of ylang ylang and sandalwood, in addition to being restorative, act indirectly as anti-aging, because hhave a relaxing effect on the nerve endings of the skin ».

What do you need

  • 30 ml of tamanu oil
  • 30 ml of avocado oil
  • 40 ml of almond oil
  • 4 drops of ylan ylang essential oil
  • 4 drops from sandalwood essential oil

Prepare it and apply it like this

Put all the ingredients in a jar, shake well and apply the oil obtained on the body in generous doses with a gentle upward massage, from the legs to the shoulders. Keep the remaining product (tightly closed) in the refrigerator for a maximum of two weeks.

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