The pain of Tom Parker Bowles, the son of Camilla: the girlfriend who died of cancer

The pain of Tom Parker Bowles, the son of Camilla: the girlfriend who died of cancer

The pain of Tom Parker Bowles, son of Camilla, who lost his girlfriend Alice, who disappeared at the age of 42

Alice Procope, girlfriend of Tom Parker Bowles, son of Camilla, died of cancer. The woman, who was only 42, left a huge void in Tom's life which, according to the Daily Mail, is now "in pieces".

Tom is the result of Camilla Shand's first marriage to Andrew Parker Bowles, the British Army officer married in 1973. He has a sister, Laura, who, like him, has always lived away from the spotlight, keeping away from the media hype caused by love. Camilla's story with Prince Charles. In 1999, four years after her mother's divorce from Andrew, Shand (now Parker Bowles) and the Queen's son resumed dating.

In 2005 the couple got married in Windsor, since then the bond with Carlo has grown stronger, but both Tom and Laura have chosen to keep a low profile and reserved. The news of the death of Alice, companion of Camilla's son for about two years, was given by the Daily Mail, which told, thanks to a source, the pain of the man, destroyed by the disappearance of the woman he loved. "He can't understand how life can be so cruel," said an insider, according to whom Tom had finally found happiness after some love disappointments.

Parker Bowles has in fact behind him a marriage that lasted 12 years with Sara Buys, the famous journalist with whom he had children Lola and Freddy, Camilla's grandchildren, who are respectively 12 and 9 years old. The couple separated in 2018 and shortly after Tom had found love with Alice, a woman who made him happy. Born Horton, Alice was the granddaughter of the second Viscount Ingleby and the mother of three children born of the marriage to Robert Procope, the grandson of Baron Robert Wigram.

The cause of his disappearance was cancer, diagnosed – as revealed by the Daily Mail – perhaps too late due to the collapse of British hospitals during the pandemic. Only last August, Alice found out she had cancer. Together with Tom he had begun his battle, which unfortunately ended in defeat.

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