The Pantone palette for spring 2018: these are the must-have colors

The Pantone palette for spring 2018: these are the must-have colors

In addition to ultraviolet, the Pantone colors for next spring are many. Do you want to find out which ones? Read here …

The ultraviolet is what Pantone has elected as the color of the year 2018, but in its palette for next spring and summer the shades are many more and one more beautiful than the other! Just look at the photos of the fashion shows to get an idea: from the most delicate and pastel tones to the brighter ones, let's get ready for a new season in multicolor!

The Pantone palette for spring 2018: the emerging shades

The emerging shades decreed by Pantone as the colors of the season are 12 and range from the warmer tones of the yellow Meadowlark and the red Cherry tomato (which are very popular on the catwalks) to the colder ones of pink-gray Almost Mauve and the green Arcadia.

Source Pinterest from Laurel & Wolf

Try for example the Sailor Blue with white and red and you will get a perfect marinière, or Warm Sand with Coconut Milk and you will have a very refined and very summery pair. In short: if you don't feel like throwing yourself into emerging tones, opt for this second set of more neutral shades and you will be sure not to get tired and be super fashionable!

Source Pinterest from Tendances de Mode

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