The pear-shaped diet: menus and exercises by Jill Cooper

The pear-shaped diet: menus and exercises by Jill Cooper

To lose weight in the lower part of the body, yes to whole carbohydrates and "good" fats, plan on protein

Those with a pear-shaped physique, which tends to gain weight in the lower part of the body (belly, buttocks and hips), know it well: losing weight is difficult, both because these subjects often seek sugars during the day, and because they need a couple weeks before starting to have the first results, and sometimes patience when it comes to a new diet is lacking.

But the spot reduction, or localized weight loss, exists and to prove it were the well-known personal trainer Jill Cooper and the nutritionist biologist Sacha Sorrentino, who in the television program "Detto Fatto" in less than 4 months, and live on TV, have lost more than 78 kg in total to their children.

Today, the two experts summarized their experience and their scientific knowledge in the book "Never say diet – Morphological slimming" (Elija Sunshine Srl), in which they provide complete 3-week food plans and targeted exercises for each biotype (apple, pear and pepper), all seasoned with the tasty recipes of the light cuisine expert Veronica Cibello. Because those who want to lose weight never, ever have to say "diet", let alone think they are. It has been scientifically proven that people on a perpetual basis are more overweight than those who have never taken this kind of path before.

We asked the three authors how to help people with a pear-shaped body (gynoid biotype) to recover their shape, especially in this historical moment, we find ourselves having to dispose of the kg accumulated over the years, but also those taken during the lockdown, during the such as boredom, nervous hunger and inactivity were an explosive mix that shocked our body, radically slowing down the metabolism.


  • Pear-shaped body: the role of estrogen
  • The diet for the gynoid body
  • Pear physique: the exercises
  • The typical day
  • The recipe: Caesar Salad with Cashew Sauce

Pear-shaped body: the role of estrogen

"The gynoid or pear-shaped structure – says the nutritionist – is mainly due to an excessive production of insulin, with an overproduction of estrogen and little testosterone. These individuals are characterized by a slow metabolism and have a hard time losing weight, especially where they want around the GAG ​​zone: legs, abs and buttocks. All we shouldn't do, therefore – advises the expert – is to follow a diet that can stimulate insulin peaks ". Being very precise in timing, but especially in the choice of nutrients, is very important.

The diet for the gynoid body

What to bring to the table? As Dr. Sorrentino in the book, “Red meats should be moderate, as they are great insulin stimulators, refined products (white sugar, white rice, 00 flour), and eliminate all those industrialized foods rich in saturated fats. My advice is also to avoid high-protein diets, as they are great insulin stimulators and increase the risk of water retention, especially in women ". Yes to carbohydrates, therefore, but as long as you prefer wholemeal ones, rich in nutritional properties and mineral salts. “These – adds the nutritionist – should be consumed in the first part of the day, leaving room for proteins with high biological value in the second part. During the afternoon, I recommend opting for good fats and high biological value proteins ".

"In summary: we try to stimulate stored fats for energy purposes to ensure that our localized slimming process has the desired effect. To do this, however, we must be very precise, it is not enough to eat healthy foods during the day, but it is important to have a method, to achieve the process of insulin calm. Furthermore, quantities and types must be customized according to allergies, intolerances, tastes, but above all lifestyle: when and how you train, because this also affects ”.

Pear physique: the exercises

And speaking of training: what are the exercises to prefer? "Pear-shaped subjects, who have an excess of insulin and estrogen – explains the queen of fitness Jill Cooper – should be careful to choose suitable exercises to rebalance the estrogen itself, as found by a study published in 2015 in Breast Cancer Research who noted that physical activity can reduce excess estrogen and other sex hormones for women, regardless of weight lost ”.

“Furthermore, for pear-like morphology it is better to exploit the endogenous maximal production of testosterone. The best time for high intensity training is in the afternoon between 17: 00/19: 00. The use of weights, body weight exercises and multi-joint movements are the most recommended, as well as accentuating the work on the shoulders to balance the optical illusion of the silhouette ". The book contains QR Codes that, with a simple gesture, refer to the workouts recommended by Jill Cooper.

Easier than that? It takes very little to follow a personalized plan aimed at regaining the figure, especially when the diet does not seem like a diet at all, rich as it is in delicious and appetizing recipes. Here are the menus of a typical day and a recipe by Veronica Cobello taken from the book.

The typical day

BREAKFAST: Sweet egg whites omelette with Chia jam

SNACK: 1 cube of Parmesan aged 32 months

LUNCH: 80/90 gr of brown rice with "special" tomato sauce

SNACK: 1 green apple

DINNER: Ceasar salad with cashew sauce

The recipe: Caesar Salad with Cashew Sauce

Ingredients and preparation for 1 serving:

romaine lettuce, to taste

1 chicken breast cut into cubes

1 cucumber cut into slices

1⁄2 red onion cut into rings

cashew sauce

Parmesan flakes, to taste

oil, to taste

Salt to taste.

First, make the cashew sauce: Place 2 cups of cashews in a bowl and cover them with 1 cup of water. Leave them immersed for at least 2/3 hours. With the help of a colander, drain them, transfer them into a blender and add 3 minced garlic cloves, black pepper, pink salt, and extra virgin olive oil to taste. and blend until you get the consistency of a sauce (this preparation can be kept in the fridge for up to 2 days).

Cook the chicken cubes in a pan with a drizzle of oil. Once ready, transfer them to a plate and let them cool.

Rinse and dry the lettuce well and then cut it into strips and transfer it to a large bowl.

Add the onion slices, cucumbers, Parmesan flakes to the lettuce and drizzle with the cashew sauce.

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