The perfect make-up (on eyes, face and lips) after the age of 50 is achieved this way

The perfect make-up (on eyes, face and lips) after the age of 50 is achieved this way

If you are at least 50, here is the perfect makeup for you, which will make your face radiant, fresh and young.

Make-up can truly become a second skin, at all ages. But after the age of 50 – indeed, we can already say after the age of 40 – what we seek from him changes.

makeup 50 years

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At 50 the password is: light up. Our trick can become our secret weapon and accomplish this in just a few steps.

And then, if chosen with care and applied correctly, it can at the same time moisturize our skin and hide wrinkles.

However, what we must keep in mind precisely in this regard is that this is often the case when “too much is good”. So better a sophisticated, refined, yet natural make-up.

So how can you basically make a perfect make-up for every 50-year-old woman? Here are some basic rules.

This is how the perfect make-up is done after the age of 50

In order to explain what you should do, we literally have to start from the base (intended just as a make-up base).

makeup 50 years

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We leave immediately with primer, which can be our best friend because it hides the flaws and makes our make up and long lasting.

If you want to know more about what types of primers exist and how to choose the right one for you, read our guide.

We then move on to foundation choice: which one to choose after the age of 50? As we have said, our aim is not only to cover imperfections, but also to smooth, moisturize our skin and make it compact.

So here they can come to our rescue moisturizing foundations, which therefore play the double role of make-up and skin care tools.

Another example it can be BB cream, which can easily replace the foundation and the final effect will be lighter, but can still nourish the skin at the same time.

Having said that if we opt for the foundation, at 50 we have to pay attention to the texture more than ever.

While up to 40, we can safely choose based on the type of skin (dry, oily, combination), afterwards our choices should all converge in one direction: one creamy texture.

This in fact appears softer on the face and the final effect is extremely natural, but at the same time manages to cover any imperfections.

And then let’s always remember that the liquid one, for example, has the bad habit of getting into wrinkles and making them even more visible, so we should avoid it in any case.

There is only one exception: if you are in the period of menopause and have the usual hot flashes, so you tend to sweat more than usual, you may opt for a compact foundation in the T zone, so as to avoid the unsightly shiny effect.

We therefore also come to the choice of how to apply it: generally we have to choose between brush, sponge and hands (not always a wise option, but there are those who prefer it).

After the age of 50, to apply face makeup, however, we should forget about this third choice and lean towards the first two, both in order not to waste the product, and because the final effect in both cases is extremely natural.

Another fundamental element of our makeup after the age of 50 (but also very often before) is the corrector.

If the primer already softens any imperfections, with this they will be completely erased.

Typically, one of the main problems are dark circles and bags under the eyes, but every woman can apply it in the area where she deems it most useful, considering that there are also colored ones, which perform specific functions.

In general, the pink concealer is used for dull skin, a very common problem in women after the leaves.

The purple and orange ones are used for dark circles (in the first case for the less evident ones, in the second for the darker ones), the green one for redness.

All this done, we can switch to blush, that we will have to be very careful to apply correctly.

We can completely forget the typical advice to smile while applying it, because that way we risk putting it too high.

Which texture to choose? A creamy definitely, which gives our skin a fresher effect.

Obviously also the highlighter can be a very important part of our make-up.

In which area of ​​the face to apply it? On the cheekbones, for a glowy effect, under the browbone and inside the eye, to lengthen the gaze and on the cupid’s bow to make our lips appear fuller.

And what about eye makeup? Sometimes less is more ed even mascara alone will do just fine (as long as the lashes are voluminous, but without lumps, which risk aging the whole look).

But if you want to apply eyeshadow, try to choose very natural shades, such as gold, bronze, beige.

Yes too with terracotta, caramel, peach and all the colors that are in vogue this spring in short.

To understand which is the best choice for us, obviously we will have to take into account the color of our eyes and our hair and our complexion.

The important thing is never to apply too much product. How to do? Tapping and not spreading it with the brush.

Also the eyebrows can be the protagonists of our make-up after the age of 50: to do so, however, they must be natural.

It will therefore be enough to help us with a special pencil just to cover any holes and eliminate any asymmetries.

In the end we close with the lips. We know that over time these become thinner and that annoying fine lines called barcodes appear.

So which texture to choose? Also in this case a creamy one, because the mat ones tend to dry the lips and bring out the fine lines.

For the choice of color we have no limits: yes to red, brown, burgundy (the colors of this season), but also to all those who are good with our complexion and our undertone.

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