The perfect outfit for an oval body is done in 3 easy steps!

Are you looking to create the perfect outfit for your oval figure? Then you will have to know all the necessary style secrets, especially the 3 steps to follow to create the total look that suits you best! Let’s find out together here on CheDonna!

The first step to creating perfect outfits is to understand our body: to read our shapes, our needs and tastes. Once we understand this we are ready to create a perfect look! Exactly, because sometimes we have to separate what we like from what suits us, choosing the second option and avoiding those items that we like on an aesthetic level but that do not highlight our shapes. For example, if we present an oval body, what will be the outfit that best suits our needs?

Oval physical outfit

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The model Ashley Graham was, and continues to be, a spokesperson for femininity that does not reflect the canons of aesthetic beauty of recent years, becoming the highest paid curvy model in the fashion industry.

The model has always shown her body with pride and femininity, even if it was not exactly one of the characteristics of the fashion of the last few years, which praised slim and unattainable physicality instead of the more curvy ones.

And that’s what we have to do, proudly show our body like model Ashley Graham and make super trendy outfits! But where to start?

Here is the license plate style guide CheWoman which will show you i 3 steps to create the perfect outfit for our oval body!

The 3 steps for the perfect outfit for an oval body: get to know your body, choose the garments that enhance you, create a unique look!

There is nothing better than wearing outfits that make us feel beautiful and comfortable! For this reason we must learn to read our body, to get to choose to wear everything that makes us feel good about ourselves!

Oval physical outfit

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Let’s get straight to the heart of this branded style guide CheWoman and let’s see the 3 steps to create the perfect outfit for an oval body:

  • get to know your body: it may seem trivial but many of us still struggle to find the right trousers or the right shirt because we have not yet learned to read our body! For example, an oval physique is generally presented with small shoulders and slender, elongated legs, with large breasts and wide hips. So we only choose what enhances us, such as empire-style dresses or high-waisted trousers without pleats, and we avoid what does not enhance us, such as low-waisted trousers and oversized sweaters.
  • choose garments that enhance you: even if we like some items of clothing we must always keep the items that enhance us. So, sometimes, it’s best to avoid wearing clothes that are trendy but don’t suit us!
  • create a unique look: it will seem trivial but it is not. Once we have chosen the garments that will succeed in enhancing our shapes, assemble them in a unique look! Always be yourself, this is the key to being true style icons! By the way, black outfits in spring? It can be done, with these 5 evergreen garments!

Oval physical outfit

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The license plate style guide ends here CheWoman which saw as its protagonist the 3 fundamental steps to create ad hoc outfits for our oval physicality!

To the next style guide, fun is guaranteed!

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