The Pink Phone against the GF15: "Scenes of unacceptable violence"

The Pink Phone against the GF15: "Scenes of unacceptable violence"

The Pink Phone takes a stand against the GF15, talking about "scenes of unacceptable violence"

Telefono Rosa spoke about the dispute between Aida Nizar and Baye Dame in the home of Big Brother 15, talking about "scenes of unacceptable violence".

After the homophobia case launched by Cristian Malgioglio and involving Danilo Aquino, the GF15 ended up in the storm again due to the violent quarrel that broke out in the Cinecittà house and which saw the queen of Iberian reality shows and the Senegalese competitor as protagonist. The almost fight, characterized by verbal violence, shocked many viewers and pushed Barbara D'Urso to take a clear position.

The show host wanted to disassociate herself from the dispute that broke out at Big Brother 15, asking the production to take serious action. The Pink Phone, which has been with women for years and against any kind of violence against them, has also intervened on the issue.

First with a post on Twitter, then through a statement, Telefono Rosa asked for Baye Dame to be expelled from the home of Big Brother 15 and criticized the behavior of the reality production. "What we have seen in the images that have become viral on social media, on the verbal and psychological aggression of the host of the House, Aida, are unacceptable", reads the note.

"Certain that the direction of the known broadcast will expel the participant Baye (because if it were not so, it would be shameful), we also want to stigmatize also the behavior of the production itself – continues Telefono Rosa – which allowed, not only that this scene of protracted for various minutes, but that was taken up like nothing by the cameras. If it is true that Big Brother is by definition the program where nothing can be hidden from production and the public, then we ask ourselves how it is possible that no one has intervened ".

"Do you think that psychological violence is less severe than physical violence? – explains Telefono Rosa again, commenting on the dispute between Aida Nizar and Baye Dame -. Do you think that verbal aggression is less harmful? Do you think that the attitude of bullies (carried out by more than one component) is something that can be left out? You're very wrong ”.

According to the association the quarrel staged at Big Brother 15 would be not only shameful, but also harmful to the public: "By doing so you contribute, with a media product seen by millions of people (many of them very young!), To the sub- culture of violence that we fight every day – concludes Telefono Rosa -. We expect immediate answers both on the measures to the competitor and on the lack of production intervention ”.

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