The position in intimacy that makes you sweat as little as possible (luckily!)

posizione che non fa sudare

It’s hot, useless to try to get around the situation. How do you make love in these temperatures? But with the position that doesn’t make you sweat, what a question! Here’s what it is!

Impossible face any discussion with these temperatures: it’s hot!

position that does not make you sweat

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So hot that yours intimate life could be affected. After all, if we sweat even just standing still we don’t want to imagine what can happen in the middle of a passionate intimate relationship!
How about: would you like to discover the position that will change everything?

The intimate position that doesn’t make you sweat: here’s what it is and why you need to try it

Let’s face it as it is: sweat while making love is absolutely normal.

intimate position that does not make you sweat

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After all, there are two of you, you are hugged, you are busy and, moreover, you may not be at the top of the form physics.
Everyone, after all, sweats when they exert themselves!

As temperatures reach 40 degreesHowever, making love really starts to become a problem.
You have not even started when you are already sweating, you lack air and your head is spinning. Help!
Fortunately for you, we had already covered the subject of best positions to make love without sweating: you can find them by clicking here!

But it’s not just them. Today we thought of telling you what is the intimate position that does not make you sweat and that can allow you to get busy without having to gasp like a fish out of water.
Are you ready? Then try the position of the lotusopened!

The position of the open lotus

We already talked to you here of the lotus position.
We know that it may seem strange to you to recommend it as the position that does not make you sweat since you and your partner, in the lotus position, are enveloped by each other’s body.
Their position, in fact, provides that the partner is sitting on readwith your legs crossed while you “sit down” on his wombcrossing your legs behind his back.
It is a romantic and sensual position, perfect for feeling the full benefits of penetration.

But, if you touch yourself so much, how does this one be one position that does not make you sweat?
Simply because we are recommending hers variant: that of lotus opened!
The partner sits on the bed, always cross-legged while you, instead of “sitting” on him, let only your pelvis touch … his.
Lean back with your palms, keep your pelvis low and, instead of resting your legs on the bed, let your feet rest on the mattress, always behind your partner’s back.
He too, if he wants, can rest the palms of hands behind there back and help you in the movement by lifting your pelvis a little.

Here is the position perfect for Not sweat!
You both don’t have to touch each other, unless you obviously want to, and are ready to get busy without feeling too much heat from each other’s body.
The lotus position, then, is one of the best to stimulate the clitoris and since the double stimulation (which we told you about here) it is one of the best ways to reach the goal of orgasm we are told that this is truly the perfect position!

So, what do you say: will you try the perfect position tonight so as not to sweat in the summer?

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