The position of the washing machine: here’s how to have fun… doing the laundry!

Today we decided to talk to you about the position of the washing machine: are you ready to have fun… uh, on (literally) the sheets?

Let’s face it.

location of the washing machine

(source: TipsForWoman – made on: Canva)

Making love isn’t always easy. That’s why, when it comes to advice “under” the covers, it often ends up to go…over“The covers!
Just do it always in the same way, in the same position and in bed: sooner or later everyone would be bored!

The position of the washing machine: this is how it is done and why it is truly the top

Today we decided to reveal you a definitely location Interesting.

location of the washing machine

(source: TipsForWoman – made on: Canva)

Is called location of the washing machine and it is perfect for combining housework and … fun literally on top of the sheets!
But why should this position be better than all the others?
Let’s find out now!

How to do the position of the washing machine

First, let’s get into position.
As you see above, the first tip for try there position of the washing machine it’s really explicit. You have to involve the washing machine!

Sit on top of the washing machine; of course, first make sure that the washing machine can hold you and that it is not in a danger point for you, where you could hit your head!
There position of the washing machine expects this appliance to be in operation: that’s why, as a preliminary, you and your partner can start doing a load!
Of course, you could also undress directly in front of the washing machine, in order to fill it as best as possible: it will be enough for you to select the program right and then, simply … “jump” up!

You are sitting on the washing machine or, if you prefer, you can too lean on on the shewith your back to your partner.
A bit like for the location of the voting booth, which we told you about in this article!
At this point you are ready to get busy: better avoid getting to the centrifuge!

The positives of this location

Let’s face it as it is: this position is certainly comfortable … not like that of the pretzel which requires imagination, physical strength and even some contortion skills!

The position of the washing machine is optimal for two reasons.
The first concerns the movement which does the washing machine: it is a great way to stimulate the vagina since, by vibrating constantly, it manages to make you achieve the kind of pleasure that would otherwise require constant manual labor!
There are those who argue that, before the advent of [email protected] toys, the washing machine was the most used tool to reach orgasm.
It was enough to sit on it and let yourself be carried away by the imagination: who knows if it really worked?

The second reason why the position of the washing machine is optimal is the fact of really get it out of bed.
If the routine manages to be that something that, in the long run, ruins our desire to make love, why not completely upset it by going to do it in a place … never tried before?
Although the washing machine is not as comfortable as a mattress and despite the risk of falling or doing something funny is very high, we think it is absolutely worth it. try there location of the washing machine.
After all, what do you have to lose?

Not to mention that, finally, you might have an excuse not to be the only ones to load and then send the washing machine.
Seen, thanks to the position of the washing machine, the latter could become part of your intimate life now you can tell your partner that when he wants to make love he can start … taking the dirty clothes from basket!