The position preferred by most women is this: did you know?

The position preferred by most women is this: did you know?

Do you know what position is preferred by most women? Don’t worry, we will reveal it to you: knowing it is an advantage for numerous reasons!

Whether you are a woman, a man (or whatever you want) you have decided to open this item for one reason and one reason only.

preferred position by women

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Do you want know which one is there position which, absolutely, makes all women very happy!
Don’t worry, we will not tell anyone that you are reading these words: we are here to help you and we will reveal everything to you. Six ready to know there truth?

The position preferred by women (or at least by most): that’s what it is

We start from an important premise: to mean that there is a position preferred by women when there are more or less in the world three billion from women (more woman, less woman) is quite difficult.

preferred position by women

(source: Unsplash)

In spite of what argue the clichewe women are not all the same and, therefore, what you read in this article could be true for many people .. but not for all!
We have, however, tried to understand which position may be preferred by women and the results we found between various surveysstudies and questionnaires confirmed something that… maybe we already knew!

Between locations preferred by womenin fact, there is one that is the most “obvious” one and another that, perhaps, you have never thought about yet.
Okay, okay, but no more chatter: which positions are we talking about?

The cow-girl or the rider

Yes, it is the position in which you are above that which is preferred by most women!
Probably, talking about it with some of your friends, you had already discovered this incredible information.

Among the reasons why the position from the cow-girl is a favorite among women there is the fact that you can easily choose the rhythm and depth of penetration and the fact that you can decide, too, how fast move!
Instead of being “dominated” by your partner, you are in control and this is a very exciting factor, isn’t it?

In addition, the position from the cow-girl it is a favorite among all women because it allows a pretty good stimulation of the clitoris.
You can do it with your hands or by rubbing against your partner’s groin or you can ask him to touch you while you take care of the rest!
That you use gods toys for adults, the hands or it rubbing it doesn’t matter: in this way the achievement of orgasm is almost guaranteed!
Sure, to try a instead reaching orgasm together the perfect position is instead that of the spider which is just … the opposite of the cow-girl!

The preferred position of women is also that of the spoon

Oh yes, not just cow-girl!
Apparently, in fact, the other favourite position by women is that of table spoon. (No, not that of the triceratops although we know it would have seemed a lot of fun).
You know which one we’re talking about, right?
You are lying on the bed on your side and your partner hugs you from behind, also lying on your side.

There penetration occurs from behind while you are lying down. At that point you can easily choose if and how to change the angle of the penetration or how much to push and push yourself. In short, you are comfortable, and most importantly, this type of position hits your vagina in the right way. Yes, we know that the G-spot does not exist but, as we have explained to you in this articlerather than a precise and impossible to find point point G. it is actually an area! In the position of the spoon this area comes stimulated a lot in manner natural and, therefore, it is no surprise that this is one of the favorite positions of women under the sheets!

Now that you know what we’re talking about when we talk about positions that women like, there’s nothing left for you to do but… well, indulge yourself!
You have to try (and try again) these two positions until you both understand why they are on top of the list of preferences from… almost all!

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