The position that all men find most exciting: your partner too!

The position that all men find most exciting: your partner too!

So what would be the most exciting position for men? Let’s find out what it is so we know… how to behave!

No, come on, don’t tell us: we already know that you and your partner have absolutely no such problems and you know each other inside out!

most exciting position men

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You know everything about him and he knows everything about you: including which ones are intimate positions more exciting for the one or for the other one!
Instead, perhaps, this article might surprise you: today we decided to talk about what is the position that, absolutely, almost like it to all the men.
Do you think you know what it is?

The most exciting position for men here is what it is

No, now it’s not worth asking your unsuspecting partner (who may be reading his book or scrolling on Instagram) what his favorite position is!
Today, in fact, we have decided to unveil there most exciting position for the men: you know her?

most exciting position men

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Obviously, as well as for when we talked about the position preferred by womenit is impossible to say that this is the best position for everyone.
After all in the world we are on seven billions or thereabouts: having the same tastes is practically very difficult!
According to various polls and researches, however, there are preferences which can be referred to as “everyone’s” simply because they come up often.

You can try asking your partner if he thinks like everyone else or, if his favorite position is different, try it now!
But announcement to chatter and let’s get down to business: what is the most exciting position for men?

The one from behind

It would be the famous doggy-style the position preferred by most men.
No, don’t worry: we’re not talking about the type of penetration from behind, which you may never have tried for fear of pain. (Here, however, find some pointers on what to know to try and start doing it!)

Apparently the preferred position by men it would be the one in which you are “on all fours”, on the bed or on the floor or wherever you prefer while your partner penetrates you from behind.
That way he can see your back, touch your buttocks, tease you by touching your breasts or clitoris, or just feel really aroused.
For them this is a position that also allows for very deep penetration and, therefore, it comes to join excitement And enjoyment. Did you know that this was precisely the position preferred by men?

The most exciting position for men is also 69

Okay, okay: it’s not one positionclassical“(In the sense that it does not involve penetration) but it is still a recognized and famous practice!
The 69 it’s that position that you and your partner put yourself in for… well, just like the number sixty-nine!

The idea is to, at the same time, to receive And to practise a relationship oral. Generally the man lies down on the bed while the partner gets on top of him obviously with legs and heads “reversed”.
Apparently for men this is one location really exciting: not so much for women instead!
A survey found that while the position is undoubtedly exciting, women find it uncomfortable, can’t focus on the act, and often don’t have as much fun as men.

To your partner, on the other hand, this position you might like it And truly much. In short, it is simply a matter of finding one’s own comfort within this… indication. After all, let’s face it: if people can do it in the position of the pretzel we don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to find a comfortable position for 69 too!

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