The position that helps you tidy up: that of the drawer!

What do you say, would you like to try a position that all lovers of order like? Here’s what the drawer position is and how to do it!

By now you know: making love does not have to be “only” that boredom of missionary position!

drawer position

(source: TipsForWoman – made on: Canva)

Ok, come on, let’s joke: even the missionary position has its advantages, it is useless to make fun of it!
Today, however, we want to talk to you about one location particularly fun and also quite particular. Ready for discover it?

The position of the drawer: find out how to make love … putting it in order

You know when it all home is in disorder and are there cloths everywhere?

drawer position

(source: TipsForWoman – made on: Canva)

Well, now you have yours layout a position intimate which will allow you not only to get busy but also to to put in order Meanwhile.
Better than this!
Come on, of course we’re kidding. To do the love and tidying up don’t really go hand in hand!

The drawer position, however, is here for make you think again at least a minimum.
But how is it done?
Let’s start with the basics: the position of the drawer is done standing up and leaning on a stable surface, which can ensure you one base comfortable.
A chest of drawers is fine, for example, but don’t take us literally: you can choose the base you want!

The position of the drawer, fortunately, is not too dangerous or too strange. It certainly isn’t as tiring the position of the tree frog which is officially recognized as the strangest position of the Kamasutra.
But how do you do this blessed drawer position?

Let’s get in position

Don’t worry, the drawer position it’s not terrible as much the position of the pretzel, which we told you about here!

To make it happen, you must both be standing, one behind the other.
You lean forward on the plane of your choice. It can be that of a chest of drawers or the kitchen counter or any other floor that you like and support you.
Choose something that isn’t wobbly and doesn’t risk breaking at any moment!

Now that you are one behind the other, with you leaning slightly forward, it’s time to fake from to open one of the “drawers“.
You lean forward even more, keeping your back straight and… raise one leg behind you.
The idea is that of raise it in perpendicular manner to your body; you can ask your partner to help you keep her straight by lifting your leg from underneath or by holding it against her body!
Well, now you are right in the drawer position (also called so because you look like an open drawer when the leg is out) and you can start getting busy.

From this location definitely there penetration and much more Interesting and definitely more “strange”.
You can decide how and how much to support it and also move depending on which point you want it to be hit.
But that’s not all!
One of the positives of the location of drawer is that, in this position, you can really focus on the muscles of your vagina.
By relaxing and contracting them you can truly feel the difference and find the mode you like best!
In short, making love with the drawer position is fun but also educational… as well as helping you tidy up it also helps you do some pretty good abs!