The post-natal diet to lose weight like Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton, the simple lesson she gives her children

How does Kate Middleton get so thin after her third child? Here is the secret of his post-natal diet

On April 23, Kate Middleton became a mother for the third time and, a few hours after giving birth, she showed herself beautiful and in perfect shape. What is his secret? Obviously the diet and a bit of luck.

Just six months have passed since the birth of Louis, the third son of the Dukes of Cambridge and Kate Middleton has already returned to his ideal weight, indeed, if possible, he has also lost a few pounds. Many have noticed his perfect silhouette and wonder how he managed to get back in shape so quickly after the third birth and at 36.

Actually Kate – obviously – can count on a team of experts who take care of her beauty, but above all on a diet that has allowed her to lose weight without losing energy. William's wife in fact not only has to take care of her three children, but also attend numerous public events. For this reason, in addition to appearing impeccable, it must also have the right sprint to meet all its (numerous) commitments.

Kate's first step to losing weight after giving birth was to detoxify. The duchess, also recommended by her sister Pippa Middleton, began to take fruit and vegetable-based smoothies and juices, to top up mineral salts and vitamins, drain excess fluids and say goodbye to cellulite.

Later he began to follow a feeding program with a healthy and balanced diet, which includes whole grains, lean proteins, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Especially in the days following the birth, Kate has been full of carbohydrates, to regain energy and take care of her third child at best. Later the duchess began to follow the Parker diet, a low carb regime that allowed her to lose up to two sizes.

How does it work? The day begins with egg white omelettes and a protein shake, for lunch and dinner instead you can eat legumes, meat and fish. Each meal includes a portion of dried fruit and vegetables, while for snacks a square of dark chocolate or seasonal fruit is allowed. Obviously Kate also keeps herself hydrated, drinking at least two liters of water a day.

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