The Power of Mindful Breath: Benefits for Mind and Body

The Power of Mindful Breath: Benefits for Mind and Body

An eBook to learn how to use the power of mindful breathing that is good for your skin, posture, mood and nervous system

Good breathing keeps the internal organs well oxygenated, improving cardiovascular, pulmonary and lymphatic system function. Conscious breathing means managing emotions and increasing mental focus.

If we are experiencing a time of emotional or physical pain, breathing helps by providing relief and stillness. By involving the entire thoraco-abdominal area and making the diaphragm work to its maximum capacity, the risk of inflammatory diseases is also eliminated. And good diaphragmatic breathing brings heat and blood to the abdominal area, improving the overall immune response.

Here is the guide to discovering the power of conscious breathing showing us how we can take advantage of all its benefits and get better.

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