The power of wonder: because it is good for you

The power of wonder: because it is good for you

For the writer Francesco Dimitri, the wonder “is triggered when we come across something that destabilizes our beliefs about the world and about our neighbor”. Dimitri researched it in his own daily life and recounted his discoveries in the book The power of wonder. How to catch the little miracles in everyday life (Bur Rizzoli, € 16). «This emotion it serves to shake off our numbness and anxieties and allows us to live fully, (re) finding enthusiasm and audacity ”, explains the author.

“It also makes us more creative, better capable of solve problems. Of course, as the years go by it becomes difficult to try it, everything seems to us already seen and taken for granted, but in reality it is possible ». Let’s see how, then, to urge it.

  • Let’s throw ourselves into new encounters

    It is easy to marvel at what strangers are, do and feel, as long as we approach them with curiosity and without preconceptions. “Not only that: thanks to the experiences of people other than those we frequent, we could also be amazed by our unexpected reactions such as joy, emotion, fear”, warns the author.

  • Let’s behave like strangers

    “For family members, including partners, we keep in mind that the things we don’t know about them are always more than we know,” recommends Dimitri. “An exercise to rediscover the wonder and break the monotony of relationships: start a conversation as if it were the first meeting and listen to what the other says without interpreting it in the light of already known information”.

  • We are reserved

    Obviously, the opposite of the previous point also applies: not even others will ever know us 100%. “To support the sense of mystery that is the basis of wonder, we do not think we have to tell everything to our partner, friends, family, but we keep some secrets, not necessarily great”.

  • Let’s reveal a hidden side

    “Let’s show others the sides we tend to keep hidden and see what happens,” advises Dimitri. “The surprise effect has the power to regenerate bonds.”

  • Let’s compare

    Let’s talk to someone about a past event: the two versions of the facts will be so subjective and different as to surprise both of us. And enrich the fact with surprising details.

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