The pupil, Lino Guanciale confirms his farewell and reveals what Alessandra Mastronardi will do

Alessandra Mastronardi e Lino Guanciale

Lino Guanciale confirms the farewell to "L'Allieva" and reveals the choice of Alessandra Mastronardi

Lino Guanciale confirms the farewell to the pupil and reveals what Alessandra Mastronardi will do. The two actors have dressed for three seasons as Alice Allevi and Claudio Conforti, two characters much loved by the public. Will the fourth season be there? After several confirmations and some denials, Lino decided to clarify, talking about the future of the TV series and the colleague of the set.

Former star of Che God Help us, Guanciale returns to the small screen with Inspector Ricciardi, a new character ready to win the hearts of the public. For now it seems that the projects regarding L’Allieva have been abandoned by the actor who is no longer willing to play Claudio Conforti. "This new project has made me feel many new emotions – he said in an interview with DiPiùTv -, but I have decided that I will no longer do L’Allieva and besides me I will also greet Alessandra Mastronardi. I am convinced that it is my character, Claudio Conforti, who Alice Allevi gave their best in the first three seasons. I won't be in the next series – he concluded -, I focus on Commissioner Ricciardi ”.

Guanciale's words therefore seem to confirm that not only he will say goodbye to L’Allieva, but also Alessandra Mastronardi. In recent days it was assumed that the actress could return to the set to tell the new adventures of Alice Allevi set in Domodossola, following the thread of the story of another book written by Alessia Gazzola. Apparently, however, things will turn out differently.

Lino is now focused on Commissioner Ricciardi of which there could also be a second series.
“We shot the shots in Naples and I must say that I fell in love with this city, even though we shot several scenes in Taranto – he said -. I had already shot in Campania, but only for a few days, this time I lived there for a while and I hope to return soon. In my free time I enjoyed walking between Via dei Tribunali and Piazza Bellini. I also liked buying old books like “La grorfia” or sitting in front of Pino Daniele's mural. The material to shoot new episodes would be there, the beauty of this story is that it evolves from episode to episode ".

Alessandra Mastronardi in the meantime is busy shooting the new fiction that tells the life of Carla Fracci, while soon she could land in Sandokan, the new fiction with Can Yaman, Luca Argentero and Alessandro Preziosi.

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