The Queen disappoints Kate Middleton: new alliance with Camilla Parker Bowles

The Queen disappoints Kate Middleton: new alliance with Camilla Parker Bowles

Kate Middleton would be disappointed by Queen Elizabeth: the Sovereign would have created a new alliance with Camilla Parker Bowles

Queen Elizabeth disappoints Kate Middleton with her new alliance with Camilla Parker Bowles. The problems of the past now seem to be behind us and the Sovereign would have found a valid ally in Carlo's wife. A situation that would be bothering the Duchess of Cambridge, very close to The Queen, but above all a bitter enemy of Camilla.

If Meghan Markle met with stark opposition from much of the royal family before marrying Harry due to her acting job and a divorce, Kate was no better off. According to some sources of Palazzo, Camilla, annoyed by the bourgeois origins of Middleton, would have opposed the marriage with William. In fact, Catherine is the daughter of two flight attendants, who later became entrepreneurs, and this would not have been liked by Carlo's wife who would have always judged Kate unsuitable to be next to William. As is well known, the couple married in April 2011 and today they have three children, George, Charlotte and Louis. Over time, Middleton proved to be an impeccable Duchess, but the hatred with Camilla remained.

For this reason, Kate would not have taken the rapprochement between the Queen and Carlo's wife well. "Camilla, through her work, has become an asset to the monarchy and, more generally, to the country," explained Dickie Arbiter, Elizabeth's former press office. According to the expert, relations between the two women would be excellent and the Sovereign would have erased all the problems of the past. In fact, even before Lady Diana entered the scene, The Queen had opposed the bond between her son and Camilla, because she judged the latter "not to be married", due to some past relationships.

Today the situation would be very different. The Queen would have appreciated Camilla's attitude, always calm and never out of place, but above all her dedication to Carlo. After the farewell of Meghan Markle and Harry to the Crown, the Sovereign would have found in her a valid ally and a counselor, appreciating her sunny but decisive character. A friendship, ever stronger, that Kate would not like, who has always been committed to proving her worth and ready to sacrifice herself for the good of the Royal Family.

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