The Queen ready for the vaccine. Kate Middleton and William will have to wait

The Queen ready for the vaccine. Kate Middleton and William will have to wait

The Queen and Prince Philip are ready for the vaccine, while Kate Middleton and William will still have to wait

The Queen and Prince Philip of Edinburgh will receive the Covid vaccine in the coming weeks. According to the Daily Mail, the Sovereign, 94, and her husband, 99, will be vaccinated shortly, receiving the first dose of Pfizer-BioNTech anti-Covid vaccine. The royals, explain sources from the Palazzo, have specified that they do not want any kind of favoritism and that they are ready to get vaccinated to set a good example for their subjects.

Given their age, Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are part of that segment of the population – the over 80s – who will be the first to receive the Coronavirus vaccine. The insiders have therefore guaranteed that they will "line up", just like everyone else. The Daily Mail also explains that Kate Middleton and William will not receive the vaccine, at least in the coming weeks, just to avoid favoritism. However, they will be involved in the campaign to advertise the vaccination, as will Carlo.

The last few months, on the other hand, have highlighted how much William and Kate – now far from Meghan Markle and Harry – are ready to take their place on the throne. Video messages, virtual meetings and outings with a mask: Catherine has never missed an important appointment in her busy schedule and has always lived up to expectations. Mother of three children – George, Charlotte and Louis – an icon of beauty and an example for many, the Duchess of Cambridge has recently taken on more and more important roles. She and William have replaced the Queen several times, forced into isolation to avoid contagion during the global pandemic, and have proved to be impeccable.

William, who in recent months had fought in great secrecy against the Coronavirus, would have followed – as the tabloids explain – the vaccine trial carried out by the Oxford University team. After visiting the research labs in June, the Duke of Cambridge publicly congratulated the researchers and doctors last month. So it's not hard to imagine that he and Kate Middleton will play a major role in Operation Courageous, the mass vaccination program that begins on Tuesday. Fifty hospitals have already received the vaccine and are ready to give the injections, while GPs are expected to receive them starting December 14, 2020.

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