The Queen ready to leave the throne: the gesture of Charles and the future of Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle's plan to dethrone her

The Queen would be ready to leave the throne to Charles: hers and the future of William and Kate Middleton

Queen Elizabeth II prepares to leave the throne. Confirmation of the rumors that have been circulating for a while comes from Carlo and from a decision made in recent days that could change the future of Kate Middleton and William. In fact, the Sovereign's son will leave Home Farm, the farm he has managed with great passion for 35 years. According to experts, there is only one reason: Carlo is ready to take the place of the Queen with a handover that will take place in 2021.

71 years old and a passion for nature, the Prince of Wales announced his farewell to the estate. Home Farm encompasses 400 hectares of farms and fields bordering Highgrove, Gloucestershire. The license will expire in April, but Carlo intends not to renew it, as revealed by the spokesman for Clarence House. The farewell to Home Farm would be only the first of several steps that will bring Carlo to the throne.

According to Palazzo rumors, The Queen would be ready to retire "making room for her son Carlo". Experts are convinced that he will appeal to the Regency Act, a law of 1728 which provides, in case of impediment or illness of the sovereign, that a regent with all the functions of the Queen, but without the title, is chosen. "Prince Charles would be a sovereign in all respects, excluding the title," explained the biographer of the royal family. But what will happen when Elizabeth's firstborn has the power?

Many are convinced that Carlo could take a step back, leaving room for Kate Middleton and William who proved crucial to the Royal Family during the pandemic. Others, on the other hand, think that the Queen will never allow the abdication of her child even if it has happened in many other countries, such as in Spain, with Juan Carlos. The Queen has in fact banned that word from Buckingham Palace since, back in 1936, her uncle Edward VIII, mad with love for Wallis Simpson, decided to abdicate. A choice that she has always considered as a terrible betrayal not only against her family, but also against her subjects.

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