The Queen takes away the mourning but does not forget: the homage on the heart for Philip

The Queen takes away the mourning but does not forget: the homage on the heart for Philip

Queen Elizabeth first appeared after Prince Philip's funeral: a smile and a precious tribute to her beloved consort

Funeral of Prince Philip, the Royal Family dressed in mourning

Images of a small, bent over woman in the majestic Windsor Chapel are still etched in our minds. Those of the granite Queen Elizabeth, dressed in black and with her face marked by sadness, which transpired despite the ordinance mask.

A few weeks have passed since that April 10, the date on which the funeral of his beloved Prince Philip was celebrated, but for his Majesty it is already time to go back to work. Many had speculated that Philip's death could somehow mark the end of Elizabeth's reign, but Her Majesty completely denied the hypothesis of a sudden handover to his son Charles (or to his nephew William, depending on the "schools of thought").

Now, however, the subjects have finally been able to see it in all its glory. A post dedicated to the Queen's first official engagement appeared on the Royal Family's Instagram profile, appearing “virtually” on a screen while she is engaged in two hearings. One with Ivita Burmistre, the ambassador of the Republic of Latvia, and the other with Sara Affoue Amani, the ambassador of the Republic of Ivory Coast to the UK. The diplomats went to Buckingham Palace for the occasion but were unable to meet the Queen in person, due to anti-Covid precautions.

It is the first time that Queen Elizabeth has been immortalized in photos after Prince Philip's funeral and it is heartening to see her smile after the period of deep sadness she experienced. She personally took care of the funeral ceremony, organizing it down to the smallest detail following the instructions of her beloved wife. He spent his 95th birthday giving up the usual celebrations and retiring to his Windsor residence. Without forgetting, finally, the "family matters" which are not exactly simple due to the tense relations between his nephew Harry and his loved ones, the poisoned declarations of his wife Meghan Markle and a serenity that continues to seem a mirage.

It is unlikely that His Majesty has regained his smile completely, after all a loss like the one he faced does not go unscathed in just a few days. But the new (and only) image that portrays her on Instagram tells of a woman who has made the strength to return to her royal duties, removing her mourning and showing off a turquoise floral dress.

One detail of the outfit did not go unnoticed. In addition to the precious pearl necklace, Queen Elizabeth wears a large brooch in the shape of a flower and covered with diamonds. As reported by The Sun, the choice was not entirely random. The brooch, in fact, was part of a Cartier tiara that was given to her by the last Indian ruler, the Nizam of Hyderabad Osman Ali Khan, on the occasion of her wedding with Prince Philip in 1947.

A jewel to embellish the look, but above all a dear reminder of the happiest day. The one in which, finally, she was able to marry Philip, that young and handsome Prince who had captured her heart since their very first meeting. Queen Elizabeth lifted her mourning and gave her subjects a smile, but she doesn't forget the most important person in her life.

Queen Elizabeth on Instagram

Queen Elizabeth on Instagram, the first public engagement after Philip's funeral

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