The Queen's speech: the sweetest and most humane ever

Il discorso della Regina: il più dolce e umano di sempre

A speech that goes straight to the heart of Elizabeth II, who for the first time in a long time spends Christmas without her family at Windsor Castle

It was an unusual Christmas for everyone, even for Queen Elizabeth, who spent December 25 at Windsor Castle instead of the Sandringham mansion as usual.
However, the sovereign gave the Christmas speech as usual, with which she usually takes stock of the year just ended for her family and the nation. A speech that this time aimed at human and particularly heartfelt for His Majesty, who like his subjects had to spend the holidays away from his loved ones.

"You are not alone," he said reassuringly. In a purple dress, in his Windsor studio, with a shiny Christmas tree behind him and with the photo of Prince Philip on display on his desk (perhaps also to avoid the repetition of the controversy that had arisen last year, when someone noticed the absence of photos of Meghan and Harry), Elizabeth II went on with her words: “Even on the darkest nights there is hope for a new dawn,” she said trying to instill strength and courage.

“I am touched by how so many people in the UK and around the world have dealt with the situation. We owe gratitude to them as well as to all the good Samaritans who with their actions have raised a lantern in the darkness of those who suffer ”, he continues. Then the most touching passage: “All that many would like for Christmas is a hug or a hand they can hold. If you are among them, you are not alone, I assure you that you are in my thoughts and in my prayers ”.

Words spoken with absolute awareness: the sovereign herself, in fact, had to give up the hugs of her many grandchildren, remaining at Windsor Castle in the company of only Prince Philip. But Elizabeth was also able to grasp the sense of solidarity and – paradoxically – of closeness that this terrible situation aroused in people: “Surprisingly, a year that necessarily kept people apart has, in many ways, brought us closer. In the UK and around the world, people have faced the challenges of the year beautifully and I am so proud and moved by this indomitable spirit. "

A speech that once again hit the mark and reached the hearts of all who were listening without ever uttering the words "pandemic", "coronavirus" or "Covid". A message of gratitude that seeks to offer a glimmer of optimism for the future: “Let the light of Christmas and hope guide us into the future. It is in this spirit that I wish you a very happy Christmas ”.

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