The return of the Ombré for brown hair: let’s feel young and beautiful

The return of the Ombré for brown hair: let's feel young and beautiful

Ombré, a very close relative of balayage, is a perfect coloring technique for the summer, if you have brown hair!

With this style of coloring in fact it gives the hair a lot movement and chromatic depth, transforming a flat and monotonous mass of hair into an explosion of light and vitality.

ombré brown hair 2022


The ombré therefore allows you to create the “sunkissed” effect (kissed by the sun) also up dark hair and that would take a very long time to naturally clear.

Furthermore, we must not forget that exposing the hair to the sun for many hours in order to lighten it, perhaps without protecting it with specific products, is very harmful to their health.

This particular coloring technique allows, therefore, to obtain quickly beautiful results, a youthful appearance, a shiny and vibrant hair.

The question may arise that ombré and balayage are the same, but they are there instead big differences.

L’ombré it’s a two-color application technique which consists in the application of several dyes along entire strands of hair, taking care to apply the lighter dye starting from the chin down when dealing with very long hair.

The balayage it consists instead in the gradual lightening (always through tint) of the surface of the strands, and not of their entirety. This creates a very three-dimensional hair, but that “in depth” remains dark.

The trend for summer 2022 is ombre on brown hair

As for the effect on the hair, the ombre gives a lot drama to the coloring and it’s perfect for perform a hair contouring on dark hair.

brunette ombre hair


Both balayage and ombré are best expressed on hair with a very thin and structured cut, with locks of different lengths.

On color there is really only the embarrassment of choice: the important thing is respect the natural color, looking for a color that blends harmoniously with it.

The ideal are coppery colors (therefore tending to red and orange) for those with very light and intense brown hair, while the cold brown could look great with all shades of brown pointing to ash blond. Federico Lauri is a true master in handling this type of color.

As for the fold, the ideal is to opt for one fold in more or less narrow waves.

In summer, a hair with a structured color through the ombre and balayage lends itself wonderfully to being dried by creating the beach waves, or the soft and very natural waves which give the hair a slightly wild and disheveled appearance.

This hairstyle can be achieved through many techniques. Those that require more time and patience (and which are probably not ideal in warm weather) involve the use of hair straightener and iron. The technique of making perfect waves with the straightener is not at all complex, but it takes slightly longer than a normal hair straightening.

If straightening and curling your hair isn’t your thing, it’s much better to opt for a completely natural drying technique, like the one that is done using a simple belt of a terry bathrobe.

The combination of brown ombré and beach waves is perfect for women of all ages, even for those who, despite having exceeded 40 years, still feel very young and ready to discover what adventures are in store for next summer!

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