The right trick if you have freckles

After years of covering foundation, here's how to enhance the trend of the year: freckles

They often appear on the face of the redheads, but sometimes they find themselves on the cheeks of the brunettes and also of the blondes water and soap: the freckles have become the dots of the year and many VIPs have begun to discover them rather than to cover them from multiple layers of foundation .

This was the suggestion that the beautiful and regal Meghan Markle, still engaged, would have whispered to her now ex-make up artist Lydia Sellers during the make-up sessions: "let the freckles peek out on the skin". From dear Meghan to Christina Aguilera, unrecognizable on the cover of the Paper Magazine – and absolutely magnificent -, the pace was fast.

Meghan Markle

And after them the fake-freckles-mania broke out, the freckle craze that saw many of us roll up our sleeves every morning to make them by hand with an eyeliner while others preferred the tatoo freckles, a semi-permanent tattoo with pigments natural. But how can we enhance them? The first tip is not to use a covering foundation even when you have very light skin and freckles are really important.

In this case, if your skin is not very tanned, you can play on the complexion by applying a moisturizing cream and then a BB Cream that makes the skin homogeneous and lets the freckles appear with the right intensity. Then you can apply a little blush that for autumn is one of the protagonists of make-up: if you have a dark complexion, with a large brush it slightly fades with a little earth, if you have light skin instead, use delicate shades and tending to orange like peach or coral in harmony with the color of freckles.

If you still have a tan, nothing better than lighting your skin in the right areas: just mix a light foundation with a glow effect moisturizer and then apply it to the most exposed areas like cheekbones, nose, forehead and Cupid's bow. By doing this you will be able to give volume to the tanned face without covering the freckles.

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