The sales at Zara: here are the 4 items to buy at a discounted price!

Sales from Zara have arrived! Here is the CheDonna style guide that will show you how to follow trends and save at the same time! But be careful! Never make this style mistake!

We have officially entered the first week of the summer sales period and we fashion lovers still have to go shopping! No fear, because today in this branded style guide CheWoman we will see what are the items to buy in this period of summer sales to choose the trends of the moment and not get cheated!

Zara sales

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As we have already anticipated, the period of the year most loved by all of us has begun throughout Italy: the summer sales!

Right now we can go shopping in our favorite stores and buy that expensive garment we had been eyeing for a long time at a reduced price.

Unfortunately it can happen that during the sales period we get big rip-offs, because we find ourselves buying things we don’t need, or even duplicates, just because we find the discounted price tag!

The first rule to be true fashion lovers is to avoid waste at all costs, because it is not trendy to fill our wardrobe with items that we do not need!

So how to do it? With this license plate style guide CheWoman! In fact today we will see together 4 trendy items to buy with the Zara sales that we will love to wear in the summer!

Are you ready? Let’s begin!

The sales at Zara: do not miss these 4 trendy items at discounted prices, for a beach holiday in the name of fashion!

Before shopping, it is a good practice to take a look at our closet again, to see what really can be useful or not. Let’s avoid buying duplicates, let’s focus only on those items that we lack in order to have a top style!

Sale Zara

Photo from Zara Official Site

Let’s get straight to the heart of this branded style guide CheWoman and let’s see what the 4 trendy summer items to buy from Zara with the sales:

  • short satin dress: there is nothing better in summer than wearing a nice white dress. Even better if white, mini, signed Zara and purchased with the summer sales! Original price € 49.95, discounted € 35.95.
  • jeans mid rise loose: another item that should be bought on sale is soft but colorful jeans, which can be combined with basic mice to wear for our summer evenings. From Zara we can buy a wide-leg pink mid-rise jeans at the discounted price of € 17.95.
  • high-heeled sandals in vinyl with rhinestones: another item that we can buy with the sales are the shoes with heels. If we want to have a colorful shoe that we will not wear so much why not save something by buying it on sale? At Zara you will find a fuchsia sandal with a stiletto heel with glittery straps. Discounted cost € 25.95.
  • raffia basket bag: last, but not least, is the raffia bag. Discounted price € 19.95. Excellent both for a day on the beach and for a trip out of town! By the way, do you want to have longer legs? Here’s how to do it starting with the right look!

Zara sales

Photo from Zara Official Site

See you at the next style guide, so as not to miss any news in terms of fashion, society and much more!