The school in the time of Coronavirus: digital and paper

The school in the time of Coronavirus: digital and paper

How to manage all the tools available to make effective distance learning between digital and paper

The school in the time of Coronavirus: digital and paper to effectively manage distance learning.

Distance learning, but for everyone

With schools closed for the Coronavirus emergency, distance education is not a choice, but the only possibility to ensure the right to education and save the current school year. The role of digital in this sense is fundamental and in fact the Ministry of Education is working to guarantee access to the network for everyone, to avoid social discrimination.

But school in the time of the Coronavirus cannot be just "virtual", especially for the little ones and for those who need to put the concepts learned black on white on a sheet of paper, perhaps with a nice mental map!

Teachers, therefore, are faced with diversified needs in a situation where interaction with pupils and their families is even more complicated than usual.

But what are the weapons available to teachers to transform this difficult moment into an opportunity for renewal for school and traditional teaching, often not very attentive to the educational needs of boys and girls with DSA?

Videolessons and collaboration platforms

The video lesson is the only way to try to keep the sense of community alive in this phase of forced isolation. Distance teaching cannot in fact be limited to assigning tasks and pages to be studied independently. Contact with the teacher and with the classmates must be kept as constant as possible and this is why applications such as Zoom, Skype and Hangouts Meet are needed. The latter is part of Google Suite for Education that many schools also use for sharing materials, through Drive, and for managing virtual classrooms with Classroom.

Digital content and more

There are also content platforms, which provide teachers with useful materials to offer to their students. One example is, which offers teachers and students thousands of interactive lessons and exercises in mathematics, Italian, physics, financial education from primary school to high school. With particular attention to all learning styles: ranging from interactive tools for the four operations designed in collaboration with Professor Giacomo Stella, founder of the SOS Dyslexia Centers, to the possibility of setting a highly readable font to read all the texts of the platform, to the numerous mind maps, useful for storing the main information and valuable compensatory tool for students with DSA. And there are also many cards to download and print because the paper is irreplaceable and training manual skills with coloring and cutting games is essential for the students of the first classes of Primary.

The school is therefore faced with new problems and questions that are not easy to solve, but can and must try to treasure this forced closure to renew itself. Like? Without necessarily remotely replicating the forms of traditional teaching obsessed with queries, programs and evaluations, but looking for new ways to fulfill its educational mission towards everyone, none excluded!

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