The sea, a SPA at a reduced cost

The sea, a SPA at a reduced cost

It is no coincidence that when you spend the day on the beach you feel invigorated, in fact the sea is a real open-air SPA. Here are all the benefits that only a marine environment can give you

Often the only things we associate with a beach holiday are tanning and relaxation, forgetting that the sea, right in front of us, is an immense source of benefits for our body due to its properties. We can get them by doing certain movement, walking or swimming, but also by just breathing the sea air: here's in detail all you need to know about the benefits of the sea.

The sea, a SPA at reduced cost: benefits for the skin

Thanks to the presence of sodium, copper and sulfur, sea water has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties for the skin, a panacea if you suffer from dermatological disorders such as eczema or psoriasis. Thanks to the sun and salt present in the sea water, impure skin also improves: in fact it tends to dry out and improves considerably in appearance. Obviously you don't have to forget to protect your skin from the sun with sunscreen with adequate protection.

If you are lucky and you have no problem with impure skin, the sea gives you a more beautiful and luminous skin thanks to the oxygenation of the tissues and the natural scrub that sand and salt give you in the water. To make this effect more lasting, remember to use delicate products in the shower and never forget to moisturize your skin, even on return, to avoid annoying skinning.

The sea, a SPA at a reduced cost: eliminates water retention

Swimming and walking in the water helps the circulation and the sea water, alone, helps to fight swelling and water retention through osmosis, favoring the drainage of liquids: combine these two things and here is the perfect solution to fight cellulite. And if you are lucky enough to stay in a clay town, take the opportunity to make mud directly at the sea, the action will be even more effective.

Physical activity at the sea allows you to enjoy these benefits without too much effort: try dedicating a moment of your day to physical exercise, it can be a jog by the sea in the early morning, or simply a walk of 20 or 30 minutes. You can also decide to enroll in a water aerobics course, the Italian beaches offer a lot, a great way to get to know your umbrella neighbors while enjoying the benefits of the sea. You will certainly notice an invigoration in your legs.

The sea, a SPA at a reduced price: you lose weight thanks to the sea air

Give a jolt to your metabolism by breathing in the marine air that contains iodine and other salts: thanks to the heat, which reduces appetite, and summer food, you will also notice benefits in terms of weight. Try to follow a healthy diet also by the sea, avoid fizzy drinks and alcohol, especially if you want to swim or stay in the sun for a long period of time and concentrate on the delicious fresh fish dishes that the sea gives us.

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