The secret to influencer skin even at 40? It costs 30 euros!

pelle perfetta influencer 40 anni

Having a compact and perfect skin like that of influencers even at 40 is every woman’s dream: getting it costs very little!

In recent months, one has depopulated on social media trend called “juicy skin”. It is about perfect skin, super hydrated and very luminous, which almost seems to shine with its own light.

perfect skin influencer 40 years


Many of the most famous influencers in the world, such as Giulia De Lellis, they were photographed with a make-up that literally makes the skin of the face shine.

While the filters we can apply to photographs help tremendously, there is a lot we can do to achieve perfect skin like that of influencers, even at 40.

Naturally the basis is a summer skin care able to respond adequately to the needs of mature skin.

Passed i 35 years, indeed, the skin begins to lose elasticity, fullness and tone. The pores begin to dilate and the face no longer appears as firm as it did when we were younger.

As we now know very well exposure to the sun’s rays accelerates this process, therefore it is essential to pay as much attention as possible to skin care during the summer.

First of all it is necessary repair the skin with a high protection factor sunscreen, so it is very important to use an anti-wrinkle moisturizer every night.

And what to do with regards to make-up?

Influencer skin after 40: there is a product that works wonders!

As already mentioned, one of the main problems of mature skin is the progressive dilation of the pores which makes the skin of the cheeks less compact and less pleasing to the eye.

skin influencer

(Collage from Instagram)

To solve this small imperfection there is a specific product, widely used by professional make-up artists: the primer.

It is a capable product form an extremely smooth film on the skin, which will fill and “smooth out” even the small wrinkles, scars and dilated pores of the skin.

In reality there are not many women who use this product, especially since it is a cosmetic that has only recently become famous. All the women who would need it most, therefore (i.e. from 40 years on) are precisely those who do not know it and who do not use it.

Fortunately, however, it exists a super glowy product that costs just 30 Euros. This is the Nabla Angel Aura plumping face serum.

radiant mature skin

(Source: Nabla Cosmetics)

This product is capable of perform two functions at the same time. It behaves in fact like a plumping serum, that is able to nourish the skin in depth, but it also acts as a primer and gives the complexion a luminous finish.

This means that can be used alone directly on the skin, as the first step of one bright make-up basealso suitable for mature skin.

Alternatively this serum can be mixed with the foundation we normally use, as long as it is fluid or liquid.

By spreading the color it will be created a naturally luminous base avoiding the “sweaty” effect, unforgivable especially in summer.

To complete the look the advice is focus on a make-up with natural tones and on a pretty shiny lip makeup.

If the fear is that using the gloss with a mirror effect is “too much”, you can easily opt for the classic lip gloss, to be spread perhaps on a matte lipstick or lip tint to keep the skin of the lips hydrated and shiny for as long as possible.

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