The secrets of beauty according to the top models

The secrets of beauty according to the top models

From the top models of the 90s to the current ones: their secrets for being perfect

Some of the most beautiful top models of the 1990s, like Naomi Campbell or Cindy Crawford, are still superbly beautiful despite a few wrinkles. Others, younger, have already begun their struggle against the signs of aging. In addition to genetics, each of them holds some secrets that seem to be the key to eternal youth: here they are, all to be copied.

Cindy Crawford

One of Cindy's charming secrets is just that mole on the corner of her mouth, but she has always relied on dry brushing to wake up the skin every day. In practice, a bristle brush is passed over the entire skin of the body before the shower: the elimination of dead cells, exfoliation and a shiny and smooth skin are obtained. It also stimulates blood microcirculation and fights cellulite. Do you know who copied this technique among today's top models? The beautiful Miranda Kerr.

Miranda Kerr

In addition to the dry brushing technique, Miranda is a fan of rose hip oil: antioxidant and rich in vitamins, it is useful to apply it before going to bed to do it all night or as a make-up remover.

The secrets of Adriana Lima and Gigi Hadid

Also because of the young age, the pimples are the bogey of the young top models. There are no branded products that work on their skin, but "old style" advice. Gigi Hadid's mother always advised her to put toothpaste on her pimples and let it work all night. An artisanal system used by many models to remove the inflammation of the pimples consists in applying the eye drops with a cotton fiocc. Adriana Lima, on the other hand, buffers the inflamed areas with tea tree oil twice a day. The result, however, is "angelic" but she also has other secrets to stay in shape: two children who keep her busy, feed adequately and tenacity in sporting activities.

The secret of Linda Evangelista

Still beautiful today, its beauty secret is sun protection in both winter and summer. Sun protection prevents the formation of signs of aging, from sunspots to wrinkles. Of course, however, dear Linda, also confesses that a bit of botox "is there"!

Joan Smalls

Perfect from every point of view, but her hair … it's a fairy tale. What is his secret? The compresses with a mixture of olive oil, egg yolks and avocado puree to be applied to the tips every three days. The result is magnificent.

The black Venus … and the sweetness of almonds

Naomi Campbell is the top model who more than others relies on true skincare products: serums, moisturizing creams for the face and for the eye contour, but above all her favorite makeup remover, almond oil, unattainable for its emollient properties, nutritive and soothing. Also detoxifying is good: in the morning Naomi always drinks a glass of hot water and lemon and then has the weakness for coffee, a cure-all for cellulite.

Gisele Bündchen

Beautiful and radiant, the supermodel practices yoga and feeds mainly on whole grains and vegetables, a few proteins given by lean meats. His secret for the skin is the body scrub, made with natural products like olive oil and coarse salt.

Irina Shayk

As a true Russian, she does not disdain cold daily showers to strengthen and revitalize blood circulation and the application of ice on her face. A sacrifice especially in winter, but also some cuddles like the use of coconut oil to hydrate and brighten the face. And it shows.

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