The secrets of beauty by Federica Panicucci

The secrets of beauty by Federica Panicucci

Federica Panicucci turns 51 but always seems very young. Here are some of his secrets

To say that it has reached its turning point, at the age of 51, it has incredible. Federica Panicucci still has a girlish, tonic and enviable physique, and a face that does not betray her half-century: looking at her seems to take us back at least 25 years. And yet Federica turned 51 last October 27th. A reality that should spur every woman into a slavish imitation of her habits, as long as this elixir of youth is not a pact with the devil!

In reality, its beauty secrets are not so exclusive that they are not available to everyone. It is not a question of finding ancestral or mysterious secrets: unless something has escaped from his stories, being in the form of Panicucci is possible.

A beastly physicist. Federica confesses that she has always been thin and has a good metabolism that allows her to eat a little more than she should because she burns almost everything she takes. However she also follows simple rules that over time has been given: drink at least 8 glasses of natural water daily, no prohibitive diet but balanced meals, such as a hearty breakfast, carbohydrates for lunch and protein and vegetables for dinner. There are three absolute prohibitions: no to fried foods, desserts and alcohol. And then the gym at least two or three times a week, to keep the muscles toned and show off a very flat stomach despite its two pregnancies.

First woman look. We still met her as a young girl with her long brown hair that reached the backside and that made her an icon in the nineties. Over the years he has shortened the length of his hair – once he even dared a long bob – and switched to the blonde, who has never left. And with good reasons, because its color reflects its vitality. Federica's blonde, in fact, is never banal, but is designed to give volume, three-dimensionality and a touch of glamor.

Smile. One of its strengths, among the thousands of Federica, is the dazzling smile. To have it this way there is not only need for daily care: it is the character of Federica, always energetic and positive, that leads her to spread charm and joy around her. Rare times when she was caught in moments of melancholy. And beyond that, ironing about yourself is good too: recently she and her partner Marco Bacini created Simpson avatars, highly appreciated by fans.

Skincare routine. Federica wears a porcelain face skin every day. Bright and without any stain or imperfection. His secret is a rigid routine skincare: every night he carefully removes make-up, uses specific serums for the eye contour and lip contour and some micro stings of vitamins to brighten the face.

Make up. Certainly his make up stylist works with particular products for the cameras, but we look at the result. His make up is very studied. The foundation and the illuminant make her face perfect, sculpted and full of light: the illuminant is applied on the forehead, on the cheeks, on the chin, above the arch of Cupid and also under the eyes to avoid showing shadows. The eyes are enhanced by black eyeliner and plumping mascara, while the eye shadow is almost always in neutral shades. Lips always shine both when they are in nude or peach shades, and when they become red and burgundy: a classic from Panicucci is the unremarked gloss given its brilliant smile.

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