The secrets of summer make-up: powder

The secrets of summer make-up: powder

The secret for a flawless and long-lasting make-up? The powder. Here's how to choose the perfect one for you

Powder is one of the most important products in make-up routine because it allows you to fix the base you choose to spread over your face, doubling its hold, and making your skin uniform and smooth. All the powders act as a matting agent for the face, also mitigating the shiny appearance due to excess sebum, an important plus for those with mixed or oily skin, especially in summer.

If you're wondering if the powder is suitable for the hot summer climate, the answer is only one: yes, of course. If the old powders were heavy and didn't let the skin breathe, most of the powders on the market today are thin and impalpable. In particular, for the summer you can choose a translucent powder, that is transparent and universal, able to adapt to any skin tone.

But which version do you prefer? Loose powder is the most professional and performing, just lay down a veil for an extremely secure fixing. The only downside is that it is uncomfortable to carry in your bag for touch-ups during the day. The handbag alternative is definitely the compact powder, certainly not as performant as the powder one but perfect for on the go touch-ups. Finally, the liquid powder, not the most popular but perfect if you have a mixed or oily skin and usually replaces the foundation.

To best apply the powder, choose a large brush with soft and natural bristles for a natural and nude finish, perfect for the summer.

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