The shirt is the chic element of spring, but avoid these style mistakes!

The shirt is the chic element of spring, but avoid these style mistakes!

The cotton shirt is definitely the chic element of spring. Comfortable and easy to use, it is the key to all our spring looks! But be careful, because the style mistake is always lurking!

Spring is the season when we have the most problems creating our trendiest looks. This happens because of the fluctuating temperatures: one day it rains and it’s cold, the next day we find ourselves practically in summer. And each of us has found our own way to overcome the weather changes by filling our wardrobe with those garments that we define as perfect for mid-seasonAnd. One for example? The cotton shirt! In spring this is the garment that most of all saves our lives. But can you avoid the style mistake?

Spring shirt

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The simplest garments are those that help us create the best outfits in fashion. Let’s think about the shirt in spring, how many times has the outfit saved us? Lots! We have paired with the white cotton shirt in many ways, and every time our outfit was at the top!

But when we think that a certain garment is versatile and easy to use we risk tripping over the style mistake. For example, do you know the mistakes to avoid when it comes to cotton shirts in spring?

If this is the question you want to find the answer to, you are on the right style guide, because here today CheWoman we will see the 3 biggest mistakes you can make with a cotton shirt to be avoided absolutely in spring!

The shirt in spring is the lifesaver of our looks, but beware of these style mistakes: avoid work looks, the creased shirt and the wrong lengths!

If we work in the office and our dress code is elegant but casual, it often happens to enter a vicious circle with our outfits, which even when we are not going to work we create serious and office looks. This is the first style mistake to avoid!

Spring shirt

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Let’s get straight to the heart of this branded style guide CheWoman and let’s see what are the 3 style mistakes to avoid when it comes to shirts in spring:

  • office look: when we don’t have to go to work we avoid the office look. How to do? No to the white shirt and black pants look. Instead of the classic shoe we put a sneakers and take off the straight trousers and wear boyfriend jeans with tears!
  • creased shirt: there is nothing worse than wearing our favorite white shirt in spring all crumpled! Pay attention to these details, they are the ones that will make the difference in your looks.
  • pay attention to lengths: it will seem trivial but it is not. The cotton shirt in spring should be worn according to your physicality. If you want to wear it with tight trousers, your shirt must be long and oversized. If, on the other hand, you want to wear it with a high-waisted pleated midi skirt, you have to bring it inside the skirt and slightly unbutton it. So as to highlight your waistline. By the way, are you looking for a trendy outfit that costs less than € 50? You can have it, with Bershka!

Spring shirt

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Here ends the most fashionable style guide ever CheWoman in which we saw how to avoid the most common style mistakes when it comes to shirts in the spring.

Now we have no more excuses, put on your trendiest look and go out! You will be at the top!

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