The simplest autumn matches to make a super chic sports sweatshirt

Fashion that goes and fashion that comes but the certainty is that we will always want to be comfortable. Going for a sweatshirt instead of an overcoat that stands out from the usual notes is a wonderful idea. Let’s see together the reasons and what to buy.

With street style first and rap music after, wearing a sweatshirt around the city has not only become normal over time but even trendy. Also for this reason many of the most famous brands have decided to create a sports line and other designers collaborate with historical sportswear brands for capsule collections and limited editions (or pseudo-such) that are promptly sold out.

Women's sweatshirts autumn 27-9-22

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As we have already seen, there are excellent sports proposals for autumn but what has always won us over is the combination with elegant garments and the contrast between luxury and low cost.

Let’s find out which sporty chic sweatshirts to wear for the new season

The collaboration of Stella McCartney with Adidas it has just come out but promises to be yet another success. The long-sleeved training shirt is printed with psychedelic Greek frets in shades of burgundy on a white base and black abstract lines that outline the silhouette. It costs 110 euros and can be combined with the coordinated crop top (85 euros) ed a denim skirt. Unusual combination only in appearance, it will soon become part of everyday outfits.

Nike beige sweatshirt 27-9-22.

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A slightly oversized, or simply not exactly new, sweatshirt will impress with a midi skirt, even better if tight. This fashion seen above all on being American in their street style, is now widespread also in us but we must be daring and find the right skirt. As a sweatshirt, if you were in the mood for something new, here are the proposals for Balenciaga with hood (discounted on sale on Lyst at 425 euros).

Another idea sees a basic sweatshirt, with long sleeves, worn over a long shirt which will have to come out from underneath and give the possibility to turn up the sleeves as well. All this will be completed with skinny pants (in black leather later, now blue cigarette jeans will be fine) and style sneakers Nike Air Jordan (from 77 euros).

Adidas gradient sweatshirt 27-9-22

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Given the boundless love that all of us (Millennials and Zetas) have towards the ninetieswear a multicolored sweatshirt with a pair of mom jeans (Zara proposes them for € 22.95) or high-waisted boyfriend with a mini shoulder bag is the most fashionable – and comfortable – there can be.
At this point you just have to decide where to start.

Silvia Zanchi