The smart diet, save calories without realizing it

The smart diet, save calories without realizing it

Get smart with your diet! Here's how to save calories during meals and lose weight effortlessly

The diet? It's all about calories! The secret to smart weight loss is to reduce their intake.

There are many small tricks to cut calories without sacrificing the taste and pleasures of the table, just a few little tricks and you're done. First of all change the way you cook, paying attention to some details that may have seemed useless before. Avoid fries, focusing instead on cooking in the oven or steam, to halve the calories. Chicken and fish? Say goodbye to breading, which increases the fat ingested, preparing them instead for the plate.

Very often to increase the calories of our dishes are some ingredients that we add without even realizing it, such as salt, oil and sugar. Replacing them is very simple and will help you lose weight without even realizing it, always eating your favorite foods. To give flavor to each recipe, instead of the classic seasonings, use chilli, pepper, spices or aromatic herbs, they will help you burn excess fats, reactivate the metabolism and not go hungry.

Do you want a sweet? Don't give up, but make it light with a few tricks. Replace the sugar with honey, healthier and more tasty, instead of eggs, use Greek yogurt or ricotta, while the butter can easily be replaced with extra virgin olive oil. To give a little more flavor, add 70% bitter cocoa, rich in benefits for the body and very good.

Pay attention to the environment in which you eat. Avoid eating your meals in front of the TV, because you risk ingesting calories without even realizing it. Set the table opting for small plates, this way you will save 20% of the calories (scientific studies say it!) And start the meal with a nice glass of water and some raw vegetables, such as salad, carrots or cucumbers.

And the drinks? If in summer you want something fresh, but the water just doesn't feel right, bet on smoothies, cold and centrifugal teas of fruit and vegetables, ideal for filling up on vitamins and minerals, but also for fighting the heat.

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