The smart greenhouse for the home: now you can grow flowers and food in the living room

The smart greenhouse for the home: now you can grow flowers and food in the living room

At CES 2022, LG will unveil the smart, small and designer greenhouse suitable for all home environments for growing flowers and food

An important technological revolution, the one that the well-known technology company LG will present at “The Consumer Electronic Show”better known as CES.


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It is the possibility of growing food and flowers at home in an intelligent mini greenhouse with an excellent taste of design and above all extremely practical.

The CES is one of the major technology fairs to the world and will take place in Las Vegas, in physical and online mode, from 5 to 8 January 2022.

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Technology and the smart home greenhouse

According to official sources, LG will present at CES 2022 in Las Vegas the tiiun deviceeven in mini format, a kind of housewife greenhousesmall and design, useful for growing vegetables, herbs and flowers at home.


Image from Pixabay

As already happens on the International Space Station, anyone will be able to place a small container inside their rooms, which uses gardening and intelligent dispensing systems, without the need to place crops in the open air or to intervene directly with the dosage. water and other special precautions.

It is an important domestic novelty that would allow you to savor different seasonal foods and fruits or even if the climate in which you live is adverse.

Designed as a fully self contained unit, LG tiiun it consists of two shelves each of which contains up to six compartments, where it will be possible to plant three different varieties of seeds.

Additionally, each compartment will offer ten germination holes for growing different types of vegetables at the same time. The flexible climate control system, which uses LG’s inverter compressor, adjusts tiiun’s indoor temperature to create optimal conditions for growth.

The internal structure of LG tiiun is designed to increase the efficiency of photosynthesis, amplifying the effect of the internal LED light source.

A gem concerns the door. As the door of the device will be transparent and this will allow you to watch your plants grow, while ensuring an airtight seal to maintain a constant internal temperature and keep insects out.

The process can also be controlled remotely, with the app LG ThinQ. LG has not yet disclosed the price of the two versions of the indoor greenhouse and the countries interested in the sale.

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