The story of Andrea Paris, the winner of Tu Sì Que Vales

Andrea Paris Tu Sì Que Vales

The story of Andrea Paris, the magician who won "Tu Sì Que Vales" and dedicated the victory to Veronica Franco

The winner of Tu Sì Que Vales is called Andrea Paris. The magician triumphed in the last episode of the show hosted by Belen Rodriguez, with Alessio Sakara and Martin Castrogiovanni. Also present in the studio were the judges Rudy Zerbi, Maria De Filippi, Gerry Scotti and Teo Mammucari, flanked by Sabrina Ferilli.

The artist dedicated the victory to Veronica Franco, a former competitor of Tu Sì Que Vales who passed away after a tough battle against leukemia. The story of the 19-year-old singer, who had conquered the judges on the notes of Hallelujah, had deeply touched many people, including Andrea Paris, who wanted to remember her during the final of Tu Sì Que Vales. "I didn't expect it – he said after the victory -, I dedicate it to my family and I dedicate it to Veronica Franco who was supposed to be here and couldn't have been. I will give part of the proceeds to charity ”.

Born in 1980, Andrea Paris is originally from Foligno, in the province of Perugia. Character actor and expert in magic, in his long career he has won many awards, performing mainly in the theater. In 2019, he had participated in Italia's Got Talent, beating all the episodes and finishing second. Behind him he has numerous collaborations, both in Italy and abroad, with shows made in the presence of famous people. From Renato Zero to Steven Tyler, passing through Morgan Freeman, Sharon Stone, Antonio Banderas: there are many VIPs who have appreciated and met the talent of Andrea Paris. The winner of Tu Sì Que Vales in the past has also participated in other programs such as Challanger 4 – Comedians from the web against Comedians from the stage, I Soliti Ignoti Vip by Amadeus and Sara & Marti (Disney Channel).

A few years ago, together with his daughter Maddy, the artist made a video that went viral. In the clip, father and daughter recited the poem Il lonfo by Fosco Maraini. The video had gotten millions of views and a few years later Andrea Paris had reproposed it with her daughter now grown up and able to recite all the poetry on her own. During the final of Tu Sì Que Vales, the magician enchanted the jury with his magic numbers, also proposing a new one.

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