The style of Vic De Angelis even at 40! Unleash your rock’n’roll side

Vic De Angelis, bassist of Måneskin, is the most followed of the moment for her glam rock look, made of bustiers, exposed bras and tartan patterns. If you’ve always wanted to recreate his outfits but didn’t know how to do it, you’re on the right style guide!

Finding our own style is the key to fashion. P.To be true fashion gurus, we have to tell who we are by finding the perfect balance between new trends and what sets us apart. But the more the years go by, the more difficult it seems for us to find this balance, especially if we love to wear bold and strong looks. Always remember: there is no age in fashion, we just have to learn to be ourselves!

Vic de Angelis

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Since Måneskin first hit the stage of the talent X-Factor in 2017, everything has changed.

After many years of stalemate, a group of Roman boys managed to completely overturn the national music sector, winning the Sanremo Italian Song Festival in 2021. In the same year they took home the victory of the Eurovision Song Contest, bringing the their music in all corners of Europe, and beyond.

They are loved in Italy, in Europe, in America. Their concerts are sold out everywhere, and their songs resonate in the heads of all of us as it hasn’t happened for years.

But their success is not only due to music, but also thanks to fashion. An innate fashion sense. A mix of rock’n’roll, combined with classicism contaminated by contemporary street style elements.

Most of all she stands out, Vic De Angelis, bassist and only woman of the group. Her outfits are never banal, neither too simple nor too extreme. The grunge style, made up of tartan patterns and studs, mixes with the glam rock one brought into vogue in the 70s by Prince and David Bowie.

Bustiers, fishnet stockings, exposed bras, harness as accessories and make-up made of nude lips and smokey eyes. This is the style of Vic De Angelis, and this is what all of us rock’n’roll lovers, and not only, would like to wear.

There is only one problem: we don’t know how to do it! It is not at all easy to recreate looks like Victoria’s in everyday life, especially if we have now passed the 40-year mark!

We start asking ourselves what is best to wear and what to avoid, but there is nothing worse in fashion than setting limits. There are no rules or impositions, and this is the only real rule to follow if we want to be strong like Vic De Angelis.

No more chatter! Let’s see together how to recreate the style of Måneskin’s Vic De Angelis after 40!

Vic De Angelis and the most sought-after style of the moment: here’s how to recreate it in everyday life, even if you’re over 40!

We can’t deny it: wearing outfits copied to the letter by Vic of Måneskin is not always the best choice, because we don’t want to look out of place or because we don’t often feel comfortable. So I’ll tell you a secret: try to mix basic outfits with small hints of rock’n’roll style. In this way our looks will never be banal and will fully represent us!

Vic De Angelis

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Let’s get straight to the heart of this branded style guide CheWoman and we see cHow to recreate Vic De Angelis looks even after the age of 40:

  • bustier over the t-shirt: one of the elements that we often find in Victoria’s outfits is the bustier, a garment generally considered “intimate clothing”. The Roman bass player, however, uses it over tight trousers and mini skirts during concerts or social events. How can we use it? In the simplest way: with a white t-shirt and ripped baggy jeans. Let’s take a plain black bustier and wear it over the white t-shirt. We also wear our jeans, a white sneakers and a close black blazer jacket. A perfect look for an aperitif with friends.
  • fishnet stockings: these too can create some style problems if worn incorrectly. So how do you go about it? In two ways: or for the evening under a black dress that is soft on the hips but short, or under a super ripped jeans, so as to show the fishnet stocking without exaggerating.
  • exposed bra: for a sensual look, perfect for a romantic dinner, show off your suit jacket and men’s cut trousers. Worn under a lace bra / bralette that can be seen from the neckline of the jacket. Top it all off with a black stiletto heel sandal and you’ll be at the top! By the way, trendy sneakers that cost less than € 50? They exist, and we must have them!

Vic De Angelis

Photo from Pinterest

Now that we know all the secrets of fashion, what to wait? Create your all day look inspired by Vic De Angelis, and unleash your rock’n’roll streak!