The summer dresses that you will have to wear at the beach and in the city are just these

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The most popular summer dresses of the moment can be worn both at the beach and in the city, or even in the office! Not sure which model to choose and how to wear it? Here is the CheDonna style guide that will show you all the secrets of the trade!

We have officially reached the middle of the hottest season of the year: summer. Despite this, we still find it difficult to find the perfect outfit for our days, whether they are at the beach, in the city center or in the office. If this is your recurring problem you are on the right style guide, why we will find out together how to choose the summer dress that best suits your needs!

Summer dresses

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In the summer, the same story every day. We wake up in the morning we open the wardrobe and look into the void at that not yet well defined universe which is our wardrobe repeating only one single sentence in our head: “It’s hot, what should I wear?”.

In the end, all we do is reuse that t-shirt, because it is light, and that trousers, because it is comfortable. But we don’t even look in the mirror because we already know that our outfit is not the most fashionable. In all cases we have solved our problem of the day: truin the light outfit that will make our days comfortable.

But a true self-respecting fashion lover finds a way to keep up with trends even in the face of the worst weather. Then? How to solve? With this license plate style guide CheWoman!

In fact, today we will see how it is easy to create trendy trendy outfits but above all they are comfortable and light.

So let’s get started! Let’s get to the heart of this style guide right away and reveal the secret of summer: summer dresses!

Summer dresses are trendy but also your fashion lifesaver! Here are which ones you will have to choose according to your needs!

First of all we need to understand what our lifestyle is. What do we need. Light and colorful dresses for the sea, trendy clothes for a holiday in a European capital, or comfortable outfits for the office. Once you have this clear, you just have to choose the summer dresses you like best!

Summer dresses

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The hottest models of summer clothes for 2022 are these, all suitable for different occasions and physicality:

  • midi floral dress: it can be either snug or loose, midi or ankle-length, but it certainly has to be floral. The long floral summer dress is perfect for all body types and suitable from a walk in the center, to the summer ceremony, to an aperitif with friends. It must not be missing in our wardrobe.
  • balloon: there is a dress model that has always existed, but which has taken on a chic connotation a few years ago. We are talking about the balloon cotton dress. Choose neutral colors, such as beige or camel, and it’s perfect for the hottest days in the office.
  • cut-out dress: generally tight-fitting and in jersey, the cut-out dress is the novelty of the last two years. Everyone wore it, from Giulia de Lellis to Chiara Ferragni. Great for disco nights or on the beach. We can’t go on vacation without at least one cut-out dress. By the way, Ferragni’s cut-out suit also looks good on curves: seeing is believing!

Summer dresses

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Now that you know all the news in terms of clothes, all that remains is to choose the one that best suits your needs, create an outfit with bows and live your days. Because with the right outfit you will no longer fear anything or anyone!

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