The sushi diet for weight loss without sacrificing taste

The sushi diet for weight loss without sacrificing taste

Yummy, light and low in calories: sushi is perfect for getting back in shape. Here is the diet

Sushi and sashimi: all the differences

Lose weight and get back in shape, but without sacrificing taste: it is possible thanks to the sushi diet.

Japanese cuisine has always been characterized by light and easily digestible dishes based on fish, fresh vegetables and rice, just what you need to lose weight! The sushi diet is very simple to follow and is perfect for all fans of sashimi, hosomaki and nigiri. How does it work? Start the day with a "western" breakfast based on fiber and whole carbohydrates, accompanied by a nice cup of green tea, perfect for burning fat and shaking the metabolism.

For lunch, instead, eat sashimi. Raw fish is the ideal food for those who want to lose weight, because it contains very few calories, sates and is rich in Omega 3, the fatty acids that counteract the action of free radicals and protect against disease. Nutritionists recommend them mainly because they are highly dietary: a portion of tuna contains only 90 calories, while salmon has about 40.

Accompany them with steamed vegetables, as in the Japanese tradition and stuffed seaweed rolls. The latter are tasty and low-calorie, the filling of rice, mango, fish and avocado in fact only provides 100 calories. For dinner, focus on miso soup, prepared by fermenting soy beans and sea salt, with barley or rice. This delight of Japanese cuisine has a very high satiating power and contains only 198 calories per 100 grams. During the meal you can also treat yourself to some hosomaki based on nori seaweed, with various fillings. The one with the gherkins, for example, has only 15 calories, while if you prefer tuna you will only eat 20.

Finally don't forget the sauces. Soybean, rich in salt, is banned instead of wasabi, rich in antioxidants and fat-burning substances, and ginger, a source of potassium and magnesium, useful for strengthening the immune system.

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