The tartan in a punk & Chic key for Luisa Spagnoli

The tartan in a punk & Chic key for Luisa Spagnoli

The Fall Winter 2021/22 fashion collections celebrate tartan, Luisa Spagnoli reinterprets it in a punk & Chic key

Not only for classic and Christmas looks, tartan is perfect all autumn, a certainty of style in the wardrobe of the fall winter 2021/22.
A fabric that conveys joy with its lines that intertwine to create paintings of different sizes but always surprisingly cool.

Autumn, with its colors, is the ideal time to be creative, even in combinations and this versatile and eclectic fabric always manages to amaze with its transversality.
To be worn in a total look or in split, year after year it has become one of the most popular trends in the cold months thanks to its warm and bold colors, perfect for both skinny and comfy models.
The versatility of tartan is such that it allows us to create surprising outfits full of personality and style.

It knows no age, it fascinates everyone, even the Millennials who show it off for parties, happy hours, and in everyday life.

jacket- Luisa Spagnoli

Double-breasted jacket in tartan patterned pure wool fabric.

Season after season it has always been able to reinvent itself and has conquered the looks of movie stars, such as Ursula Andress and Brigitte Bardot, even to be worn on the most important occasions.
Paparazzi in everyday life, the stars wore it in every outfit.

From celebrities to princesses of yesterday and today, passing through actresses, models and music superstars.
How can we forget Lady D’s very elegant long dress, Claudia Schiffer’s girly miniskirt, Kurt Cobain’s plaid shirt tied at the waist to Brigitte Macron’s tailored jacket or Kate Middleton’s blue tartan trench coat?

Emblem of the British brand par excellence, Burberry, which has declined it in its most chic and glamorous soul.

A fabric that entered the Middle Ages, as a distinctive sign of the various Scottish clans and that starting from the 70s when, thanks to the punk movement and Vivienne Westwood, it became the flag of a more subversive look, to return bon ton and preppy in the 80s and still grunge in the 90s.

Alternative or luxurious, rock or bourgeois, always evolving but always true to itself.

The colors of Tartan

Tartan in autumn colors for Luisa Spagnoli

And today?
In the fashion collections there is everywhere a real celebration of tartan, alone combined with floral patterns and colorful prints.
There is no designer who does not propose at least one of his shades in his collections.

From those who reinterpret it in a game of contrasts and combine it for surprising looks to those who bet on a bon ton interpretation in romantic flounced skirts paired with shirts with fluffy collars.
The charm of this British fabric lies precisely in the contradictions it represents and which make it much more than a simple style trend.
It is tradition and innovation, together, it is a unique pattern, with infinite chromatic variations.

It is undeniable, the traditional Scottish motif can be worn on everything, it colors dresses, jackets, skirts and shirts but also accessories and furnishing accessories with its rich texture and its earthy but damn elegant tones, it is contemporary and elegant.

the romantic shirt

Luisa Spagnoli’s tartan shirt with ruffles

Luisa Spagnoli knows it well, and for this autumn winter 2021/22 she reinterprets it in a punk & chic key.
The designer recodes the check print adapting it to mini dresses and flawless jackets.
For this autumn Luisa Spagnoli plays with lengths and proportions, the double-breasted jacket becomes a chic dress, the suit, with structured shoulder pads and high-waisted trousers, inserts gold and rock details in the buttons.
The romantic shirt with its ruffles along the buttoning to be combined with pure wool trousers with straight leg and ironed crease.
To be worn in coordinated or split, with punk but chic irreverence, it always maintains its unique charm.

skirt and trousers

Trousers and high waist and wrap skirt in tartan by Luisa Spagnoli

To complete the look? The cape with stand-up collar and faux leather edges, perfect for any time of day.

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