The Test of the Cook and the farewell of Elisa Isoardi: Antonella Clerici breaks the silence

The Test of the Cook and the farewell of Elisa Isoardi: Antonella Clerici breaks the silence

Antonella Clerici breaks the silence and talks about the new show after the closing of the Test of the Cook by Elisa Isoardi

Antonella Clerici breaks the silence after the closing of the Chef's Test, a program conducted by Elisa Isoardi. The news had been in the air for weeks now and it was confirmed by the presenter of the format that during an episode announced the farewell to the broadcast, now in its twentieth edition. "The Test of the Cook is closing, everyone knows it – admitted Elisa, who revealed the concern of her mother, who intervened in connection -. Yesterday he called me and asked me what would become of me. I said "you worry about me because maybe it's a special moment". But this is work, among other things the most beautiful in the world, and you just have to get moving, which is what we are doing ".

It was October 2nd 2000 when Antonella Clerici presented for the first time a revolutionary show in which there was talk of cooking. Years have passed since then and La Prova del Cuoco has become a cult, imitated by many other programs. Two years ago Clerici, after the death of Fabrizio Frizzi, decided to leave the program to devote herself more to the family and Elisa Isoardi arrived in her place. A change of witness that did not impress fans very much and that caused a drop in ratings. Not even the arrival of Claudio Lippi, chosen to work alongside the presenter in place of Anna Moroni, managed to change things and the show headed towards an inevitable destiny.

Visibly moved, Elisa has announced the closure of the Test of the Cook and many have wondered what Clerici's reaction was. Antonella wanted to wait for the Rai programming schedule to come out – where her new program appears, which will be aired in place of the show – before making her pronouncements. On the pages of the weekly magazine Nuovo TV, Clerici has revealed that she is very excited about the new television adventure that awaits her. “I have been thinking about this program for at least two years: since I moved to Piedmont – he said speaking of La casa nel bosco -. It all comes back, I feel this is the right idea, instinct tells me. "

“Animals, nature, stoves and some chat – he added -: this is what I can do. In short, the house and the life that flows inside it ”. No direct reference, therefore, to Elisa Isoardi who, according to some rumors, could lead Check-Up, while in September she will be in the cast of Milly Carlucci's Dancing with the Stars.

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